Mosia may be Reinvent Gaming's most ambitious title yet! The concept is one that many will enjoy, from the very young, to more advanced players of all skill levels! Let's hear a little about the idea. Mosia is an idea based on old school NES games, and the higher level of thinking required to play them. Inspired by newer titles like FEZ, and older titles like Kirby and Super Mario, this game will be the best of both worlds! Mosia is a build-it-yourself 2D platformer. The player is subjected to a level, where he/she must place tiles or other objects (each one with a special ability) to reach the end. "I came up with the idea for Mosia by thinking, how can I take the classic platformer games that we all know and love, and add a new twist on them? I decided to create a mixture of sandbox and platforming and I got this build it yourself puzzle platformer." says Mosia's creator Tristan Damron. "The art style is retro. It's really cool! But the gameplay is fresh."

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