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The making of the GS-23 aircraft, from sketch to game and a quick overview.

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Morph Shift Wars is getting better and better:

Next demo release is upcoming and new features has been added.
I made a new aircraft to show you how expansions can be mounted
and fit on every aircraft.

As you can see here we have two aircrafts and four kind of expansions, each one with unique properties, giving the aircraft not just a new look but also letting you tweak and tune it:

Built AircraftGS-23

How this was made:

First the sketch, which is used to get a general idea about how the ship will look like:

Making of gs-23

Next step is preparing clay.
Clay is a wonderful material to make a game model, it helps a lot with the final shape behavior
and to determine proportions and details.
It also helps when drawing in 3D because you will have a real-life reference on-hand.

Making of gs-23

Firstly i made this shape, to make it have good proportions with the other models i have already done
and to test it with the wings i made.
It's now time for shaping it a little better and to have a more defined base shape.

Making of gs-23

Now the ship is going to be a little more the ship i planned and the main features are just made.
Let's add some detail.

Making of gs-23

Detail is almost done here, so next step is smoothing everything out.

Making of gs-23

That's the final real-life reference. Since i was satisfied with the detail level and is a quite simple model, i decided to go straight for the 3D modeling.

Making of gs-23

I'm using blender with the subdivision technique instead of the extrusion because when i did the clay model i have noticed this model was better to be stripped than to have clay added to it.
That's why i use clay, you will do a fast 3D sketch in clay and when going on 3D modeler you perfectly know which kind of steps and techniques to use.

Making of gs-23

Model is now completed and materials are assigned.
Is not time for texturing.
I'll use just a diffuse texture and a normal map.

Making of gs-23

3D model is now completed and ready to be imported into game.


Here it is: with an armored configuration, ready for mission!
I found the GS-23 to be very quick at turning and shot precision is still remarkable.

Thanks for reading and sorry for any misspelling,
Alex Piola


All that hassle for just one model? Seriously?

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Axe_Eel Author

Yes, is better to do a thing once and well done than re do it when problems are coming, good model reference is part of a good documentation. A project without a good documentation has very low chances to be finished.

I know it can seem a bit overkilling for a single aircraft model, btw when aircraft count begin to be bigger than 4 and time passes, you can not remember how you made the last or the first, so using real life model the work speeds up a lot and makes every aircraft fit without getting mad on it. It took me a half of the time it would took to do it directly on the pc, try to believe :)

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