Become a hero with extraordinary powers and battle in epic arenas across time and space. MoAR is a cross-platform multiplayer online fighting game.

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San Francisco, California [OLD] [PAID] Lead Game Designer at Enigmati, Inc.

lead game designer enigmati, inc. san francisco, california level designers we’re looking for a creative gameplay designer to join the moar team. the developer must have or is willing to invest interest in understanding and analyzing the current esport industry to develop truly innovative design solutions basing on mathematics. this is both a highly technical and creative position. responsibilities - the designer is responsible for the creation and review of original mathematical models. - contributes innovative and original ideas to game or game design team. - analyze statistics for existing or new games. - design hero abilities and stats while providing inputs in player experience flow and the game’s overall mechanics. - provide mathematical resources necessary to produce the game. qualifications - extensive background in advanced mathematics. - exceptional understanding of statistics and mathematical concepts in gaming. - bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, game development or equivalent education background. - knowledge in c/c++, java or equivalent programming languages to help develop more complicated math models. - industry experience is preferred.

Windows, Mac, Web, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android
Enigmati, Inc.
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