A beat 'em up/platforming/fighting game hybrid with an electro style. You can smack guys, attach their parts and get their abilities!

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Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Hello! First of all I need to say the game is great, I played the demo today for about 10 minutes then decided that i HAD to buy it! So the only issue I have so far is that the colouring of the game seems a little out of wack, what I mean is that it's somewhat duller than it was in the demo. The initial colour scheme of my bot was like a dull reddy brown and yellow...is this standard or has it gone a bit weird on me?

Oh i've also got blorange (?) and that just comes out as a dull purple. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Hi there! Thanks for buying the game!

I saw this issue in a youtube video someone made of Update 11. We are a bit clueless here, it might be a shader issue, on the other hand the same shader is applied to the character as to the ground tiles etc and those look correct, right? Can you check for me if it only happens for a few colors or for all of them?

Thanks for your support!

Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Hey, thanks for the swift reply!

It happens on the majority of colours I have seen so far, the only scheme that seems to work okay is the first boss with the drill. His colours seems nice and vibrant! My brother has also purchased the game and is playing it on a Mac and is also having the same issues.

Also, the bombs don't change from blue to red once they're activated and the checkpoint marker is a kinda odd looking shade of orange!

Apr 22 2013 Anchor

We located the problem and it will be fixed with the upcoming update! Unfortunately we can't provide hotfixes/patches...


There is a way to fix this though but you'll have to dig into your Registry. Only do this if you know what you are doing, we are not responsible for wrecking you computer.

For windows: Go to your registry by clicking start and type" regedit" in the search bar. In your registry go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>software>Reptile>Megabtye Punch. On the right you see UnityQualitySettings, double click this and edit the number (it probably says 0 or 1) replace it with a 3. This will do the trick.

For mac: Open your HD, go to Library>Preferences and find the file unity.Reptile.MegabytePunch.plist. Open this file and search for the UnityQualitySettings, replace the current (0 or 1) with a 3.

Again, only try this if you know what you are doing!

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Apr 22 2013 Anchor

Hey hey!
You awesome bunch, it's now working perfectly, Thanks so much for the time and effort dude!

Apr 22 2013 Anchor

No problem man!

Apr 22 2013 Anchor

Sorry to ask for more help, but as my brother is playing the game via his mac is there a process i can follow to get the shaders to work correctly for him? :tired:

Apr 22 2013 Anchor

I described both platforms in my previous post. :)

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