Marmoreal is a single player fantasy top-down shooter.
It has six classes: Two Warriors, two archers and two mages.

Inspired by Hexen: Beyond Heretic and Geometry Wars, the game features switch-based puzzles and intense combat.
It also has two seperate campaigns, depicting the two different factions of the game, and their various adventures.

Current Modes
Campaign - Objective-based missions with some kind of story and a levelling system.
Scenario - Play an objective-based level.
Survival - Face off against increasingly growing waves of Undead. Survive for as many waves as you can.
Map Editor - Create and edit maps to be played in Scenario or Survival modes.

Fragment of Health - Restores Health.
Fragment of Mana - Restores Ability cooldowns.
Fragment of Immortality - Temporary Invulnerability.
Fragment of Power - Abilities have no cooldown for a short period of time.

Arcana - Arcana is an agent of the Arcanum, whose duty is to find and bring back certain magical items. She has failed more times than she's succeeded, but she still keeps her hopes up.
Elsa - As a battlemage, Elsa's only obligation is to defend the Arcanum should it be attacked. Since this never ever happens, she instead goes along with Arcana on her missions.
Frank - An animated suit of armour with a halberd, Frank is charged with protecting Arcana on her missions. He does this to the best of his abilities, but Arcana is not the easiest person to protect.
Sir Vaun - As a Knight, Sir Vaun is one of Melkirion's rulers. He is a mighty warrior, but his poor grasp of tactics and general disregard of human lives has led to many a soldier dying untimely deaths.
Octavian - A former bandit who sworn loyalty to Sir Vaun, Octavian looks to make a name for himself by defeating the most challenging and prestigious of enemies.
Fiera - A former member of the Arcanum, Fiera turned rogue a few years back after growing bored by her assignments. She now fights alongside the Melkiri, doing what she does best.

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Perks and Music

2 years ago News 0 comments
Download link:
Marmoreal Tutorial Demo

I made a new version, adding music to the game and a perk system to the campaign mode.

Icons for the perks currently in the game.

Perk system
Upon upgrading a stat to 5, you unlock a perk. These perks modify your gameplay in different ways, reflecting the stat it belongs to. Some are small things like receiving more health from health pickups, whereas some make a bigger difference such as Frank's Dash damaging enemies, or having Sir Vaun's Judgement make him invulnerable.

Octavian has a perk making his grenades explode.

Right now the selection of perks is pretty slim, but I will be adding a lot more of them in the future.

A big problem Marmoreal has had is the lack of music. Luckily, an AGDG musicbro called Sureva offered to make some music for my game. He's really good at it and I'm happy to have someone at his skill level helping me out. Here's the main menu theme he did for my game.

So long for now!

Marmoreal Campaign Demo

Marmoreal Campaign Demo

2 years ago News 0 comments

New Marmoreal Demo released with a campaign mode, dialogue, levelling, progress saving and exploding skeletons.

Marmoreal: Fleur de Lis AKA 7DRTS AKA Woah I actually finished a game

Marmoreal: Fleur de Lis AKA 7DRTS AKA Woah I actually finished a game

2 years ago News 1 comment

So my 7 day RTS is finished. It's a tug-of-war style strategy game based on the Nexus Wars map from Starcraft 2, using assets and code from Marmoreal.

Making a new NPC and a Level System

Making a new NPC and a Level System

2 years ago News 0 comments

Currently working on a campaign mode for my Fantasy top-down shooter, Marmoreal. I am working on a levelling system and have finished designing the first...

New Version

New Version

2 years ago News 0 comments

New version of Marmoreal. Updates to objects and spawners, as well as a new scenario and some minor tweaks.

Marmoreal February Demo

Marmoreal February Demo

9 months ago Demo 0 comments

Remade the tutorials and added a bunch of new enemies

Marmoreal December Demo

Marmoreal December Demo

11 months ago Demo 0 comments

New demo for December, with Items, Merchants and a bunch of rebalancing.

Marmoreal Tutorial Demo

Marmoreal Tutorial Demo

1 year ago Demo 1 comment

Added two bosses, three new enemies, two tutorial levels, enemy knockback, particle trails, enemies flashing upon hit and more sounds.

Marmoreal Demo

Marmoreal Demo

2 years ago Demo 2 comments

Marmoreal is a single player fantasy top-down shooter. It has six classes: Two Warriors, two archers and two mages. Inspired by Hexen: Beyond Heretic...

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Ensiferum Jul 14 2013 says:

10/10 GOTY

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Maxen1416 May 27 2013 says:

I'm slightly interested

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FatherAndrew Apr 6 2013 says:

Good to see this finally has a page. Now if only you would stop screwing around with Alphas and make a release.

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