Luminesca is a chilled-out underwater exploration game which follows the story of a little creature called Lum. Using the light from your esca you can explore the dark watery depths, uncover ancient machinery, and play with a whole ecosystem of strange creatures. Luminesca is a simple game which intends to create a rich, atmospheric experience.

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I think if this game was complete and had 2-5 hours of gameplay that I wouldn't be able to stop until I was finished. It was a nice breath of fresh air from the permadeaths i've become used to (not to say this game won't go that direction eventually).

The ambience reminded me a bit of Aether with the uncanny feeling and loneliness. Also, the subtle story telling (backstory) was great and I hope to learn more of my journey.

I hope that updates continue to happen and that another chapter appears soon.

Chapters 1 and 2 are awesome! I can't wait for the third one!!

i wish it free :3...

I really loved the 2 levels available. Games has an awesome soundtrack and love the lighting effects. Definitely can't wait for the finish product.

After just playing the fresh chapter 2, I'm totally convinced now, this game is a masterpiece! Beautiful set in a silhouette landscape with wide open areas and huge mazes to explore. Multiple lighting effects create an immersive atmosphere that is supported by a calm, soothing soundtrack.

The gameplay is simplistic yet compelling, nothing will harm you. The game does get challenging at parts, but not frustrating at all. Chapter 2 now adds some brilliant puzzles and mechanics. This was really refreshing after the more-so exploration-focused chapter 1. I am really looking forward to more content, and actually hoping it will never stop!

I have not played the new chapter yet, only chapter 1. However, I love this game. Some of the main reasons are:

- Visually it is very pleasing and interesting. I really like the contrasting light/dark areas and how the lighting effects feel real (in a stylized way of course).

- Gameplay. To me, this is really a puzzle game and it is so nice to just float around and figure out what is going on or investigate an area that looks interesting. Nobody chasing me and I can take as long as I want since there are no time limits.

- Commitment. It is obvious to me that the author is committed to making a great game, is willing to work on it until he is satisfied and also listens to user input on any suggestions or issues.

So overall, I would say that this game is fun, interesting and very relaxing to play...all together.


How can a "simple game" be so gorgeous?!

It's a rare thing for me to impatiently wait for "the next part" of any game, but Luminesca has me clamoring to learn more about.. well.. EVERYTHING in the created world.
I may be a bit too much of a lore-junkie, but I do hope the full saga will remain to keep me entranced like a.. well.. tadpole THING in my headlight.


Really creative and calming, the colors are nice and the planktids are cute! Keep it up and would like to see some voxel type destruction in this game, to clear paths and build things! ~Mr. Chizzle

Its just great. This game turning out to little piece of art.
Overall, this game is like idea of knytt loneliness and exploration mixed with Aquaria calming feeling of silent sea and all painted in Limbo, or, rather, Nightsky minimalistic and brief graphic style.
Like in Waking Mrs you dont have to kill, but to learn and discover.
Add to this nice ambient music and you will have experience of Luminesca.

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