"Lumber Island - That Special Place" is a psychedelic first-person horror adventure. - The plot doesn't lead you by the hand, only self-contained exploration reveals obscure history of this place and its secrets. - Atmosphere is the most important aspect - you'll see no buttons on your screen; there is no inventory in the game, which provides maximum immersion aided by music, sounds and Oculus Rift (in future).

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1) The game had a really well made up atmosphere at first. Ambience was really scary and well made. Surrounding area was really well made as well, topping off the horror feeling while playing the game.
2) While at first the atmosphere was perfect, it faded out later on. That lumberjack was on your feet non stop, and you could always know where he is. I'll tell you why Slender is scary (just an example, you can change the Slender name to almost any good horror game). It's scary, because you don't know where the enemy is, but you know it is somewhere. It can pop up any second and scare you alot. In this game you knew that he is after you, that was a downhill. If you made him stop following you after like 15-30 seconds of chasing (also make him slightly faster, since you can easily outrun him right now), it would be much creepier in my opinion.
3) Lack of objective - that was probably the worst thing in this game. I spent one hour and a half walking around doing absolutely NOTHING... I gave him the boots, and then nothing. You have no idea what to do, you have no idea where to go, you have no idea why are you there in the first place. There is no story, no objective and... that's just ultra frustrating.

To make it more interesting to be able to add the run

Lumber Island is full of many disappointments for me, the graphics are great but really laggy and buggy. Lumber Island would of been better if you were able to run.

A game has never stuck with me quite like Lumber Island. The first night after I played it, I had a dream about the axe man coming at me. Now, after many months I finally got the privilege of playing episode 2... The bear. He teleports around, following along with my journey. But still I do not know his real motives. I can't wait to find out what happens in episode 3.

A mysterious game that i hope to see more from. The beggining is a bit confusing making me look more like a fool on my video. But all up a great game, everything about it from the lighting to the sound is something i havnt seen in a triple A game for a while. Keep it up!

good game in the sond is too good

Lumber Island is a game that makes you WANT to like it. At first glance, it's atmospheric, stripped down and downright eerie. Unfortunately, it can't keep up with itself.

It's main(?) antagonist has an almost comically bad model, spoiling much of the atmosphere very nearly immediately. The early puzzles, whilst simple, have no logical basis. The result is rather than timidly creeping where you need to go, you kick around the island and rapidly grow accustomed to it's "charms". The poor grammar and clearly type-text of the "handwritten" clues do a surprising ammount to shatter immersion. And the bugs, whilst not game breaking, make it hard to be afraid; flying away from a horror, and skipping through the sky make for whimsical play.

Lumber Island, ultimately, fails at it's goal. Every time I felt dread trying to take hold of me, some choppy animation or breakdown of the world would shatter my disbelief. That said? It has potential, but currently plays like a pre-alpha. Hopefully, the team either gets their game together, or adds people who have the skills in areas they so obviously don't. Like writing.

Good awesome game, but a little vaige on what to do at times...

super creepy

Mto Bom

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