LTKTBM provides 3 levels of game play, which are all as different as they are similar' Firstly, simple deathmatch; everyone for themselves, kill as quickly and as frequently as possible, and take pride in getting your name at the top of the scoreboard' Secondly, Teamplay; Group carnage to the extreme, the fast paced, wipe them out first game type that AQ2 made famous' Simply select your side and armoury and let the killing commence' Group performance is the goal here, but individual performance still plays a large part' Thirdly, new with LTKTBM, Movie script; difficult to describe as an individual game type, Movie script is more like teamplay+, providing variability and script twists galore' Movie script provides a more organised teamplay type utilising LTKTBM’s AI to provide ‘all action’ characters to interact with in a group basis, where each ‘gametype’ is as individual as the level itself' LTKTBM also adds some extra abilities to your AQ2 arsenal: The spotlight:...

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