A physics-based puzzle platformer about a girl named June as she climbs a tower filled with perplexing puzzles. Push your abilities of reasoning and logic to the limit as you mix-and-match a variety of unique tools to overcome a series of increasingly intricate challenges.

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This game is absolutely amazing. The storyline isn't that interesting but the puzzles are absolutely amazingly well made. The mechanics are simple, innovative and fun. The player movement is a bit different but was easy to adjust to.

Basically it's a puzzle game like portal but in a 2d side-on environment.



I especially like the level design. The puzzles are challenging, but never unfair. And no ninja skills are required, which is cool.

well thought puzzles and subtle humour. a very nice game

This was the game that inspired me to get the Debut Bundle 3, and also the game that made me not regret it. Perfect puzzle difficulty; challenging, but I was able to complete the game without consulting the internet. Some great design decisions - full aim prediction and minimal tricky jumping/timing events keeps the focus on the "puzzle" over the "platform", where it belongs in a game like this. Plus the ability to zoom out to see more of the puzzle. In the same way as Portal, the length was the perfect balance of "aw, it's over" and "phew, it's over!"


I played the original Logi-Gun years ago as a kid.. I was so surprised to find out it's been remade o_o The dev certainly didn't forget how to make great puzzles, it's just as good as the original if not better. Highly recommended.


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