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This is an 16-bit style turn-based RPG, with modern music. You follow the main protagonist Kaisa, on a journey of revenge to find the people responsible for his childhood friend's death. To find them he heads to the locations of were the Demon King's Relics are guarded, hoping to come across the travelers who are after those relics to stop the Demon King's resurrection. Along the way, Kaisa gains some traveling companions and form an unlikely band of heroes. Kaisa's journey to find the truth behind his death is a long one, and he may gain back a part of himself that he once lost. This game is recommended for teens for the mild language, not so graphic violence, and some partially nude (nothing graphic folks) Lamias (snake ladies). The game lasts for at least 35 hours. If you have Windows 8, you may run into some incompatibility issues, so I recommend running the game in XP compatibility if anything should happen.

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tfkmaster says

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I just tested the demo so far so i "can't" give a REAL review of the complete product, but if all things after the demo are at the same "working level", i think i can give a review with no problem.

First, why selling you're FIRST GAME for 8$ ? Seriously, you clearly need more experience in making, but you already want a revenue of your game, to sell a game there is some criteria you MUST RESPECT, and i want to tell you some of these criterias your game don't respect at all :

- Write Quality
I'm not english but i just see SO MANY mispellings in this game !
- A constant evolution of game
You're game is not perfect and i/we expect you can do MORE for this game, because it's your first, so don't hesitate to UPDATE/UPGRADE your game !

Now the criticism :

The mapping seem to be "empty", the demo look empty, the screenshots look empty too, you need to five LIFE to the environments

You do many illogical events and mapping :
- You do a puzzle (random useless puzzle so... but you do it) with Soldiers, same soldier who attack you in random encounter, this sort of encounter have so sense !
- Some prisoner can walk around peacefully and other just waiting in their jail... why ? o_o

Also i don't know if the demo take place in the beginning of the complete game, but if we don't read the (partially false) description of your game, we just don't know the story/background of your game

Oh and... why you say "8-bit style action RPG", this game isn't 8-Bit at all, not even 16-bit... If you say there is 8-Bit like game, assume this !

I hope you would consider the future of your games (i read you want to do another game, that was great, but don't think too fast), and the work that involve !

- tfkmaster


brandon4117 says

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I figured I'd stop by and take a look at this game.
Disclaimer; this isn't my kind of game really at all, but it did look a bit interesting.
I'll be doing a different style of reviewing this time, and probably stick to it for other reviews too.
NOTE: I only am able to review the demo, as I can't buy games currently. No cash.~

Art: For a game of this kind, it's relatively nice. Not something that made me cringe, but not something that makes me want to stare at it all day and all night. Though, most games aren't like that.
7/10, it's pretty good for this kind of game.

Characters: They're alright, at times a bit bland. Not the worst I've seen in gaming by far, but definitely not the best. The main character looks pretty cool too, which factors into the art part, but in terms of how they act and what's said in the demo, it's.. decent. But could definitely be better.
6/10. Could use quite a bit of work to be wonderful but as is.. It's alright.

Story: I'll be honest and say that I found the story to be a bit boring, right from the start. There was nothing that REALLY caught my attention immediately, and while I stuck through anyways, as I don't expect ANY game to start off fantastically, the dullness I felt remained throughout the demo gameplay. I can't really recommend anything you could do for this because I go back and revise my games all the time, and always find something to nitpick.
3/10. Too dull for my tastes and could use a lot of work to make it more interesting, though this could just be a problem due to the type of game it is.

Controls: Pretty standard. Nothing to complain about or compliment in this area.

Sound: Definitely the best part of the entire game. Title music and others were wonderful.
8/10, very good.

Overall score is 5/10. With a lot of work this game could be GREAT, but this demo makes it average, but not terrible.
Still, fun to play and I'll be looking out for any other releases of yours.


Aleopheus says

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So far, I have to admit the game is not bad.
There are still a lot of typos in it. This should be fixed in a later version.
There are 4 bad things about it. The lack of a map in game. The lack of a quest log and the items you already have for these quests. The third thing is the design flaw, to stretch the game time with mechanisms. The first one is the tower, where you have to do mindless grinding to the bottom. A few less levels would have been enough. The other thing is that the XP varies as soon as you get your followers. First you gained 160 per fight, then only 45. The last thing are the prices. The prices for every single piece of herb or equipment are too high. After two mindless hours of grinding, I only had 10.000 K and could only buy 25 Hi-Potions ? This was ridiculous.

But apart from this, the game is really cool. Has some nice and hilarious scenes and dialogues. I will play it to the end and will update my comment and review based on this.


LordVoldemort150 says

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This game is just copied and pasted from a RPG maker.


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