Create the most amazing dinosaur theme park the world has ever seen, or battle your way through 12 intense missions that will truly test your skills against the awesome powers of nature and its most dominant creatures in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

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a good fun game to spend hours on and then sadden when you come off and relise their is no real jurassic park in the world



KoDan1 says

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Jusrassic park simulator. Enough said.

Aged very well, small but active community, and still fun after all these years

One of the best park builders ever.

love it its just i want that giganototsaurus

Really epic game. Have been playing for ages,love breeding dinosaurs and building a park. Or sometimes,I will kick back and watch my dinosaurs eat the visitors alive. There is so much to do in this game,and is also very addicting.

5 stars :)

Amazing game! I love Jurassic Park and I love this too!


This game is amazing! I especially love all the mods people have made for it! This game has very good graphics and models for a 2003 game!

An amazing game that give hours of in-depth entertainment, great graphics and skins for the 2003 game and is the best dinosaur game out there; however the lack on the size of the Islands, the lack of island quality, the limitation of 40 dinosaurs and limits to what you can do in your park makes this game less exciting. However I strongly loved this game and still play it today as it is one of the best PC game's ever!!!!... I recommend you playing it despite it's outdated.

Graphics 6.9
Gameplay 9.6
Narrative Story Telling: 6.2
Maps: 3.3
Skins 7.3
Entertainment 9.7
Modder's Efforts: N/A
Technical: 4

Overall result: 8.9/10 = 89% on DaggerClassStudio's Game Rating
= An Excellent Game

~Christopher Carlisle James

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