Jaraph's Table is a medieval/fantasy-themed turn based strategy game which goes back to the core of strategy gameplay, featuring an array of different unit types with distinct stats and abilities: Champions, Archers, Engineers, Spies and more, all bringing their own unique abilities to the battlefield. Build towers, harvest resources, lay ambushes, garrison your towns, assassinate your opponents and mould the board to your advantage: your engineers can raise or lower the earth, drain and even flood areas to give you that extra defensive edge. The game will be playable both solo/offline - in free-play battle and a range of campaign modes against AI - and online, against human opponents.

Built in Flash Develop and utilising the awesome Starling framework, Jaraph's Table showcases a fusion of 2d and 3d art which combine to create a unique take on the traditional hex-based TBS.


Single player - As well as a quick-play section featuring the main game modes, the full game will contain a number of single player campaigns, each containing a series of levels of increasing difficulty. You begin with the short tutorial campaign, which introduces the standard unit types and tactics, before moving on to bigger challenges.

Multiplayer - Challenge your friends to a game online and because of Jaraph’s Table's turn-based nature you can either play your battle in one intensive session or sneak your turns while you’re supposed to be working and spread the fight out over the working week.

Heroes - Every now and then a unit will go to hell and back on the battlefield, and it's only fair that this should be recognised: a piece which consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty may acquire Hero status. Heroes become unique pieces, with their own names and statistics. Through each single and multiplayer game, victorious Hero units will acquire experience and perks. Level up your Heroes in the single player campaign and then take them online to battle those of your friends (or enemies, why limit yourself).
Expand your tactical options by unlocking new Hero units and rare unit types by completing campaigns and online challenges.

Battle Canvas - Rather than resolve combat (rather dryly) on the board itself, all the action in JT takes place on the 'Battle Canvas', which drops down over the board when a piece is attacked. The resulting combat is played out in visceral, cinematic shadowplay-meets-magic lantern battles - created dynamically and guaranteed to be different every time.

Build your own - We're building a user-friendly level editor alongside the game, so after the initial game release we'll be following up with an expansion pack which gives access to the level editor and an online community built around user-generated content. Create your own levels and even entire campaigns and share them with your friends or the whole JT community.

New content packs - In addition to the core game there are several DLC packs planned, including the oriental expansion - which brings new unit designs, a new board and environment and new solo campaigns. Later packs will include new unit types, campaigns and battle modes.

You can take it with you - The first release of Jaraph's Table is going to be for PC and Mac. If we exceed our target for funding we'll be porting the game to iOS, Android and potentially Ouya. The same user information will be accessible across all devices, so if you start a multiplayer game at your workstation you can continue the battle on your iPad or iPhone while you’re on the train, or even on your console when you get home.


We have lots of additions planned for later, but here are the pieces you will be able to use in the first version of Jaraph's Table:

Warrior - Standard melee piece, fast moving and light. The 'pawn' of JT.

Champion -
Heavy infantry type, slow moving but powerful. Think of it as the 'tank' or 'phalanx' of the game.

Spy - The espionage/assassin piece, it remains invisible to the enemy unless discovered by another spy or otherwise rumbled through error. With the potential to destroy structures and assassinate powerful units, spies can wreak havoc on the board if no counter-espionage units are fielded by the opposing side.

Archer - The only playing piece capable of ranged combat, the archer is fast, light and ideal for border skirmish actions.

Engineer - Capable of raising/lowering terrain, draining/flooding tiles and building/repairing resource-gathering structures (farm, woodcutter, mine) as well as defensive towers, engineers can be used to mould the board to your advantage. The only piece which can traverse water tiles, they are key to a well-balanced strategy, and being very lightly armed should be well guarded.

Herald - The messenger, or 'comms' piece. Keep Heralds close to your combat troops for an action point boost.

King - The most important piece on the board, the King permanently boosts his side's action points and, in Regicide mode, is core to success: lose him and lose the battle. The King is a powerful unit but commit him wisely - even in future game modes his loss involves hefty action point penalties.

For more information and to view/support our crowdfunding campaign, please click here

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