A text-based adventure for the new age. Based on a revolutionary concept for non-linear storytelling by upcoming game designer Peter Moorhead. Featuring the enchanting pixel art of Brian Callahan, and a beautiful dynamic soundtrack by Nick Borrego.

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While it's hard to judge from such an early beta, Incursion immediately shows great potential, and great execution. The mix between old and new is everywhere: graphics, music, narrative.

It may seem odd at first, when you see the neatly cut trees or perfectly round celestial bodies, but it gives a very unique look to the game - not that much of a rarity these days with games using triangles, squares, voxels, and so on with great results, but still very nice; or when the - quite classic at first - story starts to go into more uncommon directions, with a narrator proudly telling you he doesn't exist, for example.

Incursion, as of this first release, doesn't show much. But what it shows is competency, great promise, a premise that's intriguing enough to have you check for updates on a very regular basis, and a secret that's as elusive as the famed dopefish. Which is all good, if you ask me. :)

The game asked for some feedback. ...feedback on what? There was barely a game there. I entered my name and a few other intro things, then the "game" ended. Way too early to release anything. Get some work done first.

Looks like it could be great but for now this actually took me longer to download and install than it took to play, its only 1 level at the moment


Good game, and for free ! Play it !

The characters gave few decisions, so it felt more like a video rather than a game. It needs more options and a better story to be worth playing. The art was absolutely amazing though, I really liked that it was pixel-based. The story was just so-so, it was a generic, overused idea.

I am not sure if the developers are continuing to develop the game but I think with a few changes it could be a much better, enjoyable play.

Perfect game, so beautiful, but unfortunately ends up so quicly...

I love the idea, the art is nice, music is fantastic, but more dialog choices/activity in the game would be fantastic. Hope that that's already in the works!



Awesome game can't wait for the full version!

This game should be a free flash game. You're going to have to put more effort if you want to sell this game at a higher price. I've seen flash games on the internet that's more fun.

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