A tight knit team of dedicated individuals from all over the globe, inspired to create games that move others.

Cube Noir stands for transparency, professionalism, fan-service and innovation in all that it does.
When we started work on our first game "Incursion" over a year and a half ago, we had one thing in mind; connecting with people. Everything we do as a games developer is about creating the kinds of experiences that people will cherish for years to come. Videogames influence our lives in a way that is seldom appreciated; Zelda taught us about love, Pokemon taught us about growing up, and we want our games to teach people something too. We engage with our fans in an open and honest way by responding to as many emails and tweets as possible, taking on-board as much feedback as we can, and always putting players first. Some of our titles might cost money, but for us game development isn't about financial gain, it's about doing what we love.

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