Hyperspace Pinball combines the controls of pinball with the game play of an arcade shooter wrapped up in a universe of aliens, explosions and more! Travel through the solar system flipping shots while earning bonuses, power-ups, enhancements and achievements like a pinball wizard! Fight your way through bosses and special enemies like anti-balls, spinners and shooters on your way to planet Earth for the final showdown! If you're good enough, you can even compete for the top score against other players; even on other platforms! Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy? Find out with Hyperspace Pinball!

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Apr 25 2012 Anchor

How do I get my copy of Hyperspace Pinball Beta?

If you're interested in getting a free beta copy of Hyperspace Pinball for PC or Mac, just send me a private message by clicking on this link:


Be sure to set the Subject to Hyperspace Pinball Beta Invite. Once I receive your message, I will give you a beta invite.
You will receive your invite over e-mail with the subject line "You have received a game." Click on the link. You will see a screen that looks like:

The available options are Play and Download. Select Play to get the game. It will download the game to your computer and launch it. When it launches, you will see a splash screen where you can configure your inputs or close the game and play again later.

After you play, be sure to give us feedback by posting in the forums or e-mailing support AT gamieon DOT com!

What if I don't want to sign up on ModDB or Desura but still want to beta test?

You can ask me for a copy by e-mailing me at support AT gamieon DOT com with the subject line Hyperspace Pinball Beta Invite. I will reply to you directly with a link to download the self-installing version...but promise me you'll give me feedback!

How can I help make the game better?

After you play, we would really appreciate feedback in the forums on things like:

  • Game play (do we need more skill shots, or more chaos?)
  • Level distribution (do you prefer the extra levels to be in the campaign or standalone?)
  • Visual effects
  • Bugs and crash reports

Remember to give us feedback by posting in the forums or e-mailing support AT gamieon DOT com!

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