Betrayed by those he once trusted and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself caught in the center of a dark conspiracy and propelled through a corrupt and twisted world.

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This installment in the series is channeling Jason Bourne. Having a faster pace, as you are the one being hunted. This is done via enemies being more aware of your face than ever before, spotting you from further away and being able to recognize you with your back turned. You also have no access to weapon selection screen or map. So your essentially making do with what you've got while you are on the run. However the core of the gameplay, what we've always loved, seems hampered.

+Wide array of weapons and improvised assassinations
+Fairly hard, the changes to make the game more difficult can be bit unfair as I've said. Requiring you to rely on disguises and blending in with crowds to get certain areas, and no manual save system means you have to be more careful.
+Cover system where you can peek around corners.
+Melee combat.
+Challenges that you get to do add replayability, as well as a Contracts mode that we get to play user defined levels.

-+Levels are a bit more linear & smaller than before, having less choice as to how to go about it.
-+No map or weapon selection/customization before missions.

-The more cinematic feel of killing your targets in a cutscene... I want to be in control, to many games these days take it away eventhough that can make the game feel more grand, theres no reason to take control away if the player can do it. And Killing is something we certainly can do.
-Not enough targets. It feels like the amount of actual hits you do is quite small compared to the other games.

-The disguise system is still not perfect. Turning your back on NPC's won't stop them from getting suspicious. Only if you are blending in with a crowd can you do that. So it's still unreasonably hard. Disguises that completely cover your face will still get enemies suspicious.
-Instinct mode. It feels like a handholding mechanic that all the pro's will avoid using it.
-One level is downrighy horrible. Attack of the Saints.

No windows XP support.

Gameplay is designed in such a way, as to allow in each walkthrough, up to good number, to have a unique experience. And the engine is tough, being in the top of it's time - up to some later than it entries. I give it thumbs up!

Helping to a "legend" be for more players a true "agent"! And results... Came true, with new, not for everyone, "hollywood" story style"!..

"Hitman: Absolution" maybe is not the old classic "Hitman", but on other side, it is really great game just by it's self!



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This is an excellent game. Many would argue that the feel of it differs from the previous games - and they are correct - but this doesn't make it a bad game, although it was a shame to see the pre-mission loadout screen gone (though this is acceptable since the whole game pretty much has you on the run instead of carrying out contract killings).

It was great to see the Hitman saga take a new direction, and graphics & sounds were superb. The AI was excellent - even if somewhat predictable at times - and provided enough of a challenge at higher difficulty settings.

Epic, the environments, the AI and the voice acting is brilliant. Before buying this game, you should try out Hitman 2, and Hitman Blood money, this game also has new features such as Contracts mode, which you can choose your own target and objectives.
The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is brilliant too.
Long story short, buy the game, you won't regret it.

It's worth the maximum rating.


This game just sucks. It lost everything that made Hitman Hitman. The game turned into an action game, no more stealthy as it was. The music is no longer composed by Jesper Kyd, so the music sucks. The only better thing is the graphics. But they make 47 looks like an angry cave man looking for revenge. This game just... SUCKS.

Much smaller levels, very few paths to your target, very linear level design, no black market, no syringes or other interesting assassin tools, not many interesting ways to kill your targets, little and more often than not zero history behind your targets or any motivation to kill them besides them wanting to kill you.

Environments and targets have very little variation, most of the environments are in the US, the vast majority of which are in North Dakota and New York. Has an odd underlying crude sexual theme which simply doesn't fit very well with this game. The game's story focus essentially throws out the premise of being a hitman until its very end.

You can still be spotted by people wearing the same outfit as you as though every gardener on the planet knows one another.

Contracts mode puts you in the same levels obviously designed with a linear story in mind. The only freedom it allows in the game's constrictive levels here is the contract's name/description, who you're killing, what single weapon you can choose to start with, and what you are wearing.

All in all, a serious disappointment and downgrade from Blood Money.


This game is Really good!
I Enjoyed Hitman Blood money very much and if you give this game a chance you'll love it too.

The New controlls feels great (I play on pc), it feels more natural to move around as 47 than in blood money. The combat is more improved too, now you can choose how to complete the game, wheter you wanna kill your way trough a mission or play it smart.

Only downside is the missions. Dont get me wrong, I love the campaign it's well written and exciting but i miss the missions were you just start "fresh" and kill your targets. However this is not a problem since there are a new gamemode, contracts, that lets you do that kind of missions.

I did not really have huge hopes for this game, I just picket it up from steam (a 75% Deal) but MAN, this game is great, even tough it have it differences from blood money.
If you liked Hitman blood money, Then, if you give this game a chance, you'll love it.

It's a really cool game. I played all the Hitman games except Blood Money, and I can say it is kind of different from Codename 47, Silent Assassin and Contracts... Although the graphics are way better, the atmosphere isn't all that it was supposed to be. To be honest, I think I'd get a little bit more excited if I do a mission from Hitman: Codename 47 than from Absolution, even though that game was made 13 years ago.

Basically, the missions are just too short and are given little details. But anyway, sometimes I didn't get bored at all of the missions and sometimes I actually felt the anger of the character...and then was like "Man...what the heck? Damn the stealth. Let's kill them all.". So I did like that, but still....that way isn't it more like Call of Duty than Hitman? I mean like really...

Either way...even if it determines you be stealthy or to be Rambo, the storyline is still good in my opinion.

But as I said, the atmosphere just isn't complete. So I'd give it a 9/10.

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