You are Alex Brooks, you used to be once just a detective, that is until you and your partner were shot. You died on the table for over three minutes but you were saved, sadly your partner died. Shortly after you left hospital and started to have black outs and nightmares so you started seeing a psychiatrist, but as you dig deeper into what these nightmares mean you soon learn they are much more than just dreams, something is coming to claim you and you now need to learn whats really going on before its to late. Haunted Dreams is a psychological horror in which you must find clues and solve puzzles in the real world to try and get closer to the truth of whats going on but as you black out and enter your nightmare world you must fight your demons and collect lost memories to awaken from the nightmare.

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I played the demo for about an hour and some change and there are many things I would consider wrong with this game. The opening puzzle, with the lamps wasn't presented in a way that would "make sense"... There is nothing to suggesting that those lamps were movable. The combat is like a very broken high bred of HL2 and Condemned. When the Flash Light was activated, it seems to turn off some of the ambient lights, it also adds what looks like a dark vignette around the edge of the screen making it even harder to see... Also having the enter button as your action button is extremely annoying. It should be something easier to hit, like the E button, I don't want to remove my hand from the mouse, just to open a door. I could keep going about the game play, etc, but I'll stop. I honestly was considering buying this, I love horror games; Penumbra, Amnesia, Condemned, even old school ones like Realms of the Haunting, 7th Guest and Alone in the Dark are games I find highly enjoyable. Even considering this is in an unpolished state, I don't see how it could improve with its current game design choices and lack cohesive story.


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It's a very simple 3D game that isn't really fun to play because
of the graphics and the controls.

Mediocre, tediously difficult for working your way around, way to much darkness, some lame scares.

I am not sure if mine glitched because i could not get throught the first room.. Plus i could get out of the map which is a down side.

Really, No controller hint and no keyboard control

Damn, you must be suck create ****


Your get a 6
Because Way to dark. Couldn't change any options. Enemies was not scary.
But other then that I did like the Music when you open the game. It was like this Jazz feeling.


At the time of release, what little ambient lighting is there vanishes once you turn on your flashlight, story seems to be confined to loading screens, incoherent, and with poor spelling/grammar, enemies are recycled from other Eyesodic "products", no descriptions for items, no locked doors, combat is decidedly janky and arbitrary, and puzzles are often the same.


Way to dark, there should be at least some options to adjust brightness or something like that. And i don't like the the begining, it takes to much time to realize what to do to push the game foward. Anyway i like the graphics and atmosphere of the game. But it still need some work in my opinion.

I enjoyed this, enter being the main button being used was awkward but gave me a sense of urgency like: "oh crap, oh crap. My hand should not leave the mouse. I will be murderised"... It was super dark too. I'm not used to the whole horror style game thing, but I can dig this one for what it does. Overall, it helped me kill time, that's good enough for me. I'd go back and play it again.

It's rough, but it's interesting.

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