Gagalaxies is a single-player sci-fi turn based strategy game which focuses on decision making rather than empire building. The game revolves around differents strategies that the player can select at the beginning of each turn and which determine his order of play. In Gagalaxies playing first is important to move first and block enemy units as well as to be able pick an another very demanded strategy. As the artificial intelligence is programmed to prevent any other players from getting too powerful, as much as possible, war is not always the best option. - Strategy based gameplay: 7 strategies that can change the course of a game. - 12 Races with differents units: Balanced races, asymmetric races, crazy races. - Conquer planets to gain economic and industrial advantage. - 5 types of assets to capture: Mineral field, Pirate factory, Combat enhancing satellite, supply and repair station. - Random events make the world evolve as the game goes on. - 12 different map settings.

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This is the background story for GAGALAXIES. It is an attempt to explain the fermi paradox.

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This is the background story for GAGALAXIES. It is an attempt to explain the fermi paradox.

In what is now considered the year 0, in a remote Galaxy Called Gro Gara, researchers from an alien civilization discovered the reality of paranormal activities, such as ghosts, unknown flying objects, demons and abductions.

Theses manifestations can appear simultaneously to different witnesses while remaining coherent when the different testimonies are confronted.

Sometime the phenomenon is capable of interacting with physical devices, such as weapons, preventing devastating global wars and the otherwise inevitable destruction of the ecosystem of the entire planet. The conclusions of the research team were that the phenomenon is intelligent.

After decades of research, the true origin of this phenomenon is discovered.

A macro molecule, the deoxyribonucleic acid, present in every cells of every lifeform in the planet and containing the genetic code of each species, appears to have autonomous cognitive functions.

Some parts of the molecule, falsely labelled as 'junk' code, is used to operate a telepathic network that extends to the entire planet. Some other portions of the genetic code behave like a cluster of neurones, thus researchers calling this meta-being a 'global brain'.

It is unclear if this intelligent, parasitic control system, capable of controlling the mind trough coordinated hallucinations and effectively create an alternate reality, was present at the origin of life or appeared later within the genetic code of living species.

What is certain is that the meta-being engineered intelligent life on the planet, as a mean of protecting itself against great environmental threats such as asteroids. What motivated the meta-being to do so is probably an asteroid impact that occurred millions of years ago, destroying most of life on the planet.

It appears that the meta-being has been preventing the dominant civilization on the planet to develop too much advanced technologies, probably in fear that it would destroy itself.

But suddenly, after century of technological stagnation, a 'generation of genius' managed to develop a ambitious space program based on new technologies whose plans were seen in dreams.

It is assumed that the discovery of the residues of an unknown alien macro-molecule in a small meteorite triggered a change of tactic in the meta-being's mind.

It is now clear that it has competitors...

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