Freedoom is a project to create a complete Doom II-compatible IWAD file which is Free Software' The IWAD file is the file used by Doom which contains all the game data (graphics, sound effects, music, etc')' While the Doom source code is Free, you currently still need one of the proprietary IWAD files from id in order to play Doom' Freedoom aims to create a Free alternative' Combined with the GPL-licensed Doom source code this will result in a complete Free Doom-based game' The Freedoom project has already succeeded in creating a complete set of replacement textures for the original Doom games, as well as a large amount of extra material (sound effects, graphics, sprites, etc)' All of the Freedoom material can be freely redistributed, modified and reused without restriction provided credit is given to the project'

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Aug 21st, 2012

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Feb 21st, 2012

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Dec 3rd, 2010

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Dec 14th, 2009

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Nov 27th, 2009

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Oct 17th, 2009

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Oct 16th, 2009

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Jul 27th, 2009

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Sep 10th, 2008

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Mar 12th, 2008

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