This is a single player experience for all terminator fans using the unreal engine III by Epic Games. set in the year 2029 you are placed in the boots a of soldier serving for humankind against the ruthless army of machines. The final campaign will feature nine chapters of a roller coaster ride, inspired by James Cameron's masterpiece franchise.

Confront the many killing machines at skynet's disposal including the HK aerial, the HK tank, the mini HK, and the legendary T800 with an arsenal of futuristic plasma weapons.

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5n1p3 Sep 20 2010 says:

um not sure this is jumping at all.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Sep 20 2010 replied:


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KEEP_IT_UP! Sep 20 2010 replied:

very nice animations... lovely!

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5n1p3 Sep 20 2010 says:


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alphaflight83 Sep 20 2010 says:

Very cool animations!

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NCC-1701 Sep 20 2010 says:

Looks pretty good. I am amazed at the quality of the animations for this game. Animations is an area that many indie games suffer in, but ya'll have done very well.

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DeadPhaker Sep 20 2010 says:

pretty nice, but ill suggest work out the fall\land animation as it could be useful in battles and the current animation is not as... ugh... seductive (or somethin) as i thought it'd be.
it still is nice though.

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Packer Sep 20 2010 says:

The first few frames of the jump animation don't look to smooth, the gun moves very fast then it looks a bit more natural the rest of the animation. Also when you land its very solid, nothing seems to be breaking the fall its just land and standing straight up with no effects of the falling (Camera wise).

Just my constructive criticism again, considering its a blend test you've probably noticed these yourself. Nice overall though.

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Hell_Diguner Sep 20 2010 replied:

Yeah, definitely need to work on the landing part. Especially for the longer fall distances... make it look like your legs are actually bending, your body bending foreward, your view forced slightly downward since your body is bent over, and then everything fixing itself as you stand up again. For fall distances so great that you take damage, I suggest more violent camera shaking, and even possibly stumbling foreword. Should you choose to implenent a stumbling foreword animation, then some things to think about would be inability to fire weapon, camera forced to look at the ground, placing of your hand(s) on the ground so you don't faceplant, etc.

Also, what about different jumping animations when you are walking and running, instead of just from a stand still? How about different jump animations when straffing left/right/backwords?

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Sep 20 2010 replied:

I thought you guys didn't like violent camera shaking.

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[Q]uik Sep 22 2010 replied:

that dosnt mean removing it all over =) you gotta find the middle line, between reality and gameplay.
in this case, it got to be smooth and still fairly realistic. We do not want the gamera to be all over the place while jumping falling or landing, however, having the camera too static will make it booring.

i am definitly not a fan of the "weapon bounce" upon landin (watch the animation and you will probably notice what i mean). it overall looks fairly great! just putting out some tips and constructive crititism! keep at it! :D

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Sep 21 2010 replied:

@ Hell_Diguner I could surely make different impact animations for different velocities. I don't think I can make legs. I would have to design a completely new rig and would be way too much work for a small detail. directional jump animations are possible but may require a ridiculous amount of scripting. I could have directional blends for the falling animation which could transition out from the jump animation. I really appreciate your input, thanks.

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PeacefulPatriot Sep 26 2010 replied:

Well, it would probably still be a good idea to rig legs. Looking at the quick time event with the crawling Terminator grabbing what I presume will be your leg, it seems legs will serve a multifaceted role in the game.

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Hell_Diguner Oct 15 2010 replied:

I suppose you could have 'secondary legs' that can only be seen by the player, and also are only rendered during specific animations... such as the end of a far jump, during a cutscene, or when a ternimator on the ground grabs you.

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5n1p3 Sep 20 2010 says:

wow animations look great

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AngryHillbilly Sep 22 2010 says:

The animations are fantastic but this side screen fade really makes my eyes squint at times :S is there possiblilty that in game we could control wheather we want this fade or how much fade because it makes my eyes hurt after a while and i cant see what im shooting at :S

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xalener Oct 2 2010 says:

Idk. I really don't see anything inherently wrong with these animations. You should probably tweak that ambient occlusion though :P

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Sep 20th, 2010
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