This is a single player experience for all terminator fans using the unreal engine III by Epic Games. set in the year 2029 you are placed in the boots a of soldier serving for humankind against the ruthless army of machines. The final campaign will feature nine chapters of a roller coaster ride, inspired by James Cameron's masterpiece franchise.

Confront the many killing machines at skynet's disposal including the HK aerial, the HK tank, the mini HK, and the legendary T800 with an arsenal of futuristic plasma weapons.

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Media RSS Feed Report media don't get lost (Basic hint mechanic)
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CakeMaster7 Jan 5 2011, 6:39pm says:

Nice, though the map looks VERY dark.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Jan 5 2011, 6:43pm replied:

The player will have a flashlight they can use.

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Packer Jan 5 2011, 10:23pm replied:

Thats attached to the weapon I hope, I don't want Doom 3 Flash-light moments again D:

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Jan 6 2011, 10:41pm replied:

It's not attached to the weapon but you can use it without disarming yourself

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AirborneSn1p3r Jan 9 2011, 6:59am replied:

damn thats what i said at the start: "i hope this soes not end up like avp with its crap flash light, even though it was a good game i hate flash light games!"
you should add flares or somthing, not even pistol flares mabye just the ones you can throw on the ground to light the place up a bit..

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D3ads Jan 5 2011, 7:35pm says:

I honestly think that the blinking arrows are distracting and look out of place, it would be far better to have a single objective marker that gets larger as you get closer to it, thus showing you the obvious path ahead.

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snuffles345 Jan 5 2011, 7:56pm replied:

Wouldn't say they're distracting since they're activated by pressing a button. But i agree with the waypoint marker idea.

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The_Silver Jan 5 2011, 8:27pm replied:

"I honestly think that the blinking arrows are distracting and look out of place"
That's true, I completely agree, even if only showed by pressing a key they are quite out of place.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Jan 5 2011, 8:29pm replied:

the arrows only pop up when you want them too. the traditional objective marker wasn't working

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Xyrom Jan 8 2011, 3:19pm replied:

maybe you could go with a grey instead white for the arrows it would make them blend more with the dark setting...

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SC90 Jan 5 2011, 8:37pm says:

Damn this mod is just so brilliant, if only normal game developing studios could learn from awesome mods like this one.

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AntitribuGuy Jan 5 2011, 9:24pm replied:

This is not a MOD anymore, is an Indie Game !!!

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Comrade_Zaitsev Jan 6 2011, 3:42pm replied:

Well wait does it need a game like crysis to run it (if it is a mod) or does it have it's own engine and is a game made from the ground up

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Jan 6 2011, 6:59pm replied:

it's not our own engine. but it's not a mod. the Unreal Development Kit allows us to publish our game without the requirement another game to run it.

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LKMax Jan 5 2011, 8:58pm says:

Nice music and atmosphere. Your indie is getting better than many others Terminator games.

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werty2517 Jan 5 2011, 9:36pm says:


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Hell_Diguner Jan 6 2011, 1:33am says:

I think fewer arrows, but placed at key points would look and work better. Some of the areas where you used the hint system had so many arrows, it became somewhat confusing. Players aren't so stupid they don't know how to move around an open area with a few objects. Just one arrow indicating the correct direction in the center of the open area, and arrows at each junction between open areas should do the trick.

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NuggetWarmer Jan 6 2011, 4:04am says:

Perhaps disguising the arrows as dead terminators eyes blinking, sparks that look vaguely like arrows, car lights flickering, etc. etc.

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MrNokill Jan 6 2011, 4:33am says:

shouldn't the level design lure the player the correct way? Still this looks useful at times

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delarobe Jan 6 2011, 10:28pm replied:

i dont like when games r too obvious
in this one it would be surreal
just think about it: u r on a post apocalyptic world that is thorn apart by a global war.
of course the terrain would be confusing, that is why soldiers use maps and compasses

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DeV-xC Jan 6 2011, 5:42am says:

u can switch it off ? or this is allways on ? becoz players could use this when he lost just press a button and for few moment u have those arrows.

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OmegaBolt Jan 6 2011, 6:32am says:

Doesn't look right and is kinda weird anyway TBH. Maybe add some kind of visor/binoculars that spring up when you hold the key and they show the direction arrows (as well as distorting the visuals etc). Pretty sure both Kyle Reece and John Connor are using some in the T1/2 future scenes, so there's some grounding for the idea.

Although saying that I don't like how you can't get lost in modern games at all. A lot of them are just "run straight forward and you'll reach the end" or, like Dead Space, hold and button and follow the path.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Jan 6 2011, 1:28pm says:

once you hit the arrow key. the arrows are only up for two seconds

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Chezzlor Jan 6 2011, 5:31pm says:

Optional arrows to help point you the way when you request?


Good move man, kudos to you. I remember getting lost were one of the bigger issue with the demo.

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Gabbo Jan 6 2011, 9:41pm says:

Not a fan of the arrows. If it could be implemented into the game world in another way: visor mentioned above or even a watch compass, it wouldn't take me out of the fluidity of the game like blinking arrows do.

Like the idea, but not the implementation.

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reece44 Jan 7 2011, 6:46pm says:

Oh so the soldier follow you around now? Great.
But i do agree with the people here. A waypoint could be more useful.
But as long as it is activated manually i'm okay with arrows.

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The_zxeno_prophet Jan 11 2011, 5:11am says:

You know how in Prince of Persia (the cell shaded version) you had a light ball showing the path, well maybe in FPS Terminator you could have a bright litle drone showing you the way, woudn't that make more sense ?

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Ash712 Jan 12 2011, 1:34pm says:

Look at what "Army of Two : 40th Day" did for finding your way in a level...
it's a really nice waypoint path that runs on the ground!

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Zopiac Jan 13 2011, 3:31pm replied:

"the traditional objective marker wasn't working"
The 'traditional objective marker' that is in UE3 does run on the ground I believe, or at least it did in UT3, but sadly it seems to not work.

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Scorpionov Mar 14 2011, 2:59am says:


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This video demonstrates the hint button, that when pressed, shows blinking arrows that tell where you need to go. this video also shows that enviornments will have branching paths that allow the player to "set their fate" you can change the tide of battle by choosing your tactical routes.

the music featured in this video is composed by Thom Maggs.

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Jan 5th, 2011
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