Fist Puncher follows a team of vigilantes led by Dr. Karate, world renowned neurosurgeon and black belt, as they perform unnecessary surgery on the crime lords that hold a lawless city in their brutal grip. The gameplay is true to the classic era of button mashing brawlers, as players choose from a colorful cast of characters and take to the streets to battle endless waves of thugs and ruffians. Featuring 15 playable characters, 50 levels of mayhem, over 100 collectible items, 99 trading card achievements, unlockables, easter eggs, special attacks, and RPG elements, Fist Puncher combines the glory days of multi-player beat ‘em ups with the frills and richness of modern games. Bust out the baseball bats, sledge hammers, and prison shivs, and prepare to mash pixel fists into pixel faces.

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Oct 13 2012 Anchor

I'm starting this thread to have a place for people to post glitches that they find when playing the Alpha version of Fist Puncher . I'll add to this post as more items come in from people playing the Alpha release.

- Defeated the purple line subway using the Beekeeper's bees AFTER the Beekeeper and all other players had been defeated

Jan 31 2013 Anchor

I've bought your game after i heard from it on Indiestatik and it's a fun retro experience.

The thing i experience is that the screen goes black after a while.

My system:

AMD HD 6900 series
Win 7 64 bit home premium sp1
Desura build 100.53

Feb 11 2013 Anchor

I also had the black screen problem in Windows 7 64 bit, but on the demo. I'd love to buy the game but would like to try and figure this glitch out first. Here's my system/display info:

Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Video: AMD Radeon 6850

Feb 13 2013 Anchor

We figured out the black screen issue. It had to do with a back buffer being flushed prematurely on some graphics cards. This will be fixed in the next update.

Feb 20 2013 Anchor

Sooo... when will be the next update?? :-)

Feb 28 2013 Anchor

Indeed, I'm very much looking forward to the next update.

Mar 13 2013 Anchor

I am also keen for an update to get rid of the black screen???

Apr 1 2013 Anchor

yeah i have the same problem...

Apr 2 2013 Anchor

Update coming in the next day or two (we're uploading it now and just need to wait for approval)! We've been tied up with Publisher talks and GDC. Sorry about the delay!

Latest version of the Alpha (1.0.4) is now live.

If people are still having the black screen issue could they please post pictures and any details concerning when it occurs?

Apr 4 2013 Anchor

Sadly i'm still experiencing the black screen issue. It seems to occur less soon then before though. In full screen it happens sooner then in windowed mode.

And what do you mean post pictures? Pictures of a black screen?? LOL
The sounds continues but the image turns black. With some Alt Tabbing it returns at times.

Apr 4 2013 Anchor

Just to clarify, it appears that there were 2 bugs. One we were aware of early on. Basically certain graphics cards would wipe the backbuffer after minimizing or after the screensaver kicked in, etc. This would cause the background to go black but characters and enemies still were visible. We FIXED this issue. However, the bug where EVERYTHING is black is something we were not aware of and have not seen in testing (we thought people were posting about the previous bug that we were aware of). Anyway, the call for pics was simply to make sure that we know which of the two issues people are describing (since it is a little confusing and these bugs have basically been reported the same way "screen goes black"). Anyway, the FULL black screen bug appears to be something with XNA's draw functions working incorrectly on certain graphics cards. We're trying to find a workaround, but it's tricky since we can't reproduce it in-house. The best we can do is to try to fix it based on information we find online and then keep our fingers crossed that the fix works. I'm going to try a couple things and hopefully post a link to a new test build here tomorrow. If anyone is experiencing the bug and has time to test the new build when it goes live, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help everyone! Let's crush this stupid bug!

A couple other questions for anyone who is seeing the black screen bug and has time to help.
1. Does it only occur during fights? Or does it happen at the title screen and the map as well?
2. Have you seen this on any other games (in which case it could be an overheating GPU, but I find that unlikely)?
3. What type of Operating System, graphics card, and screen resolution are you running?

4. What levels have people seen the screen go black on? We've seen a video of it on the Wharf level, but have people seen it happen elsewhere (like the intro level in the Dojo)?

If anyone has time to run a test build, message me, and I'll send a link. Much appreciated!

Quick update. There appears to be a conflict with newer device drivers on AMD graphics cards and certain draw routines in XNA (specifically creating new SpriteBatch objects which are used for displaying things onscreen). We're working on a patch now.

Update (4.9.2013) We've made a patch and our first tester has said that the black screen no longer occurs. We're going to upload the patch to Desura later today.

Update (4.10.2013)
We just posted version 1.0.5 of the Fist Puncher Alpha. We believe this fixes the dreaded black screen issue that many people with AMD graphics cards were having. To make a long story short, some of the drivers released for these AMD cards in the last few months are no longer compatible with certain draw routines in XNA. Hopefully AMD will eventually fix this, but in the meantime, we implemented a workaround. We appreciate all of the feedback and help that we got tracking down this bug. If anyone installs 1.0.5 and STILL sees the black screen issue, please let us know. We're certain we've fixed at least some of the issues, but there still could be something lurking in one of those pesky AMD cards (or another driver update could come out and cause more trouble). Please note that we have NOT yet updated the free demo. We're hoping to have time to rebuild that next week. Anyway, thanks again for your patience and feedback!

May 3 2013 Anchor

Here's a fun one: at the Wharf, points assigned to skills from leveling up apparently have no effect. Perks work, but boosts to Strength, Special, &c. do nothing until the third level (whichever one that happens to be). Doctor Karate at level 6 and 12 points in Strength still doing only 2 damage with each punch is just... sad!


Darkness lessons learned/Avenging golden tresses/Yellow flower blooms - "(dedicated to Millia Rage)", original haiku

May 14 2013 Anchor

Yeah, looks like we're pre-loading the level and character attributes before the user spends their points. Good find! Added to the bug list.

May 22 2013 Anchor

Miss Fist Puncher Canada when rescued is a blonde in a blue dress, but her trading card shows a brunette in a green dress. You might also want to check the other ladies in case this one got swapped with another.

Entering the level Sixth Street Blockade early presents the player with a level without an exit. The player is forced to force-quit the level by going into the menu and selecting Return to Map.

The "Edumatainment Fact" for oranges has a grammar error ('know' instead of 'known').

The "Edumatainment Fact" for Earliglow strawberries has a spelling error ('gelatanous' instead of 'gelatinous').

The "Edumatainment Fact" for lemons has a punctuation error ("Lemon's" instead of "Lemons").

The "Edumatainment Fact" for watermelons has a capitalization error ("A Watermelon" instead of "A watermelon").


Darkness lessons learned/Avenging golden tresses/Yellow flower blooms - "(dedicated to Millia Rage)", original haiku

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