Fallout is one of the greatest RPG games out there. It's set in the post-nuclear, dangerous world of violence and radiation. The game consists of a very detailed and interesting storyline, tactical turn-based combat, and revolutionary character creation style. You can play Fallout for months, but still it's not boring because of many ways of finishing the game. You can be a bad-ass gangster, or a world-saving hero. This is a must-see for all RPG games fans, and it's undoubtedly one of the best gaming classics. Unique, amazing storyline makes Fallout addicting! The Linux copy uses the classic DOS version.

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Meanwhile outside the BOS bunker
Brotherhood of steel guard 1:What are you doing here punks
Brotherhood of steel guard 2:-.-
(Sound of miniguns spnining and screams)

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dude thats cruel the brotherhood are the goodguys through series 1-4 from fallout 1 to fallout 2 to brotherhood tactics to fallout 3 the only time they evil is from fallout new vegas (damn ncr)

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Are you kidding? The only time the BoS are the good guys is in Fallout 3 (and to a limited extent, Fallout Tactics, which is however non-canon), and that's because they're a splinter group/rogue breakaway from the main BoS.

There's like a hundred examples in Fallout 1 and 2 of the BoS being horrible ********. They evidently don't care about anyone from the wastes and are entirely content to hide in their bunkers while people starve and die outside, and intentionally run down and kill anyone they see who possesses technology they'd like to horde for themselves. They even have a standing policy to maliciously send unwanted initiates to The Glow (named so because it's a horribly irradiated bomb crater) on a deliberate suicide mission, rather than merely turn them away respectfully.

The Brotherhood of Steel is literally worse than the Enclave; they both hate mutants, but at least the Enclave want to rebuild society. The BoS could care less, their only interest is in technology, not human life, mutated or otherwise. For that reason they're really one of the most antagonistic, evil factions in the wastes.

Something tells me you probably have only played Fallout 3 and New Vegas or you'd know all this. The Brotherhood of Steel is ******* awful.

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