Fallout is one of the greatest RPG games out there. It's set in the post-nuclear, dangerous world of violence and radiation. The game consists of a very detailed and interesting storyline, tactical turn-based combat, and revolutionary character creation style. You can play Fallout for months, but still it's not boring because of many ways of finishing the game. You can be a bad-ass gangster, or a world-saving hero. This is a must-see for all RPG games fans, and it's undoubtedly one of the best gaming classics. Unique, amazing storyline makes Fallout addicting! The Linux copy uses the classic DOS version.

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Old classic. I played with it first in 2010, but I loved it. I think this game must be the idol of every game.

I love the original Fallout games, I have completed this game only once and I love it.

The perfect balance between classic roleplaying experience and streamlining makes Fallout the definitive crpg experience of all time.

Not particularly easy, nor frustratingly hard, Fallout really tailors its experience around the player and not the other way around.

Hands down a 10/10.

great game.


A classic post-apocalyptic RPG that spawned many clones and a very successful franchise. It's not perfect of course, but the fact that it's still being played and actively modded 19 years after its release is indicative of its impact on the gaming community and ability to withstand the test of time, event against games with far more complexity and far better graphics. There are numerous active Fallout communities in many countries, including localized fan translations that are still being maintained. Highly recommended; one of the great games of the '90s and certainly one of the best CRPGs of all time. If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, excessive gore, nostalgia, and open-world RPGs, you should definitely play this game.

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Best CRPG in the World!


benzay says

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Awesome. I have to admit, at first it was hard to play (I got into the series by playing Fallout 3), but after I got used to the controls and gameplay, it was fun! And your decisions actually felt like they mattered (ex: stopping an army of monsters bent on destroying all of life(F1), or make fresh water(F3)). Definatley gonna buy Fallout 2.



intok says

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The original Fallout games are absolutely incredible.


I have had large amounts of fun playing this game, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good rpg.

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Old classic. I played with it first in 2010, but I loved it. I think this game must be the idol of every game.

Jul 9 2011 by Attila1945