The game will be based from the anime not sure what would be best on this game mmo or mmorpg my self think mmo would be best with a pvp system ofc.


the guild system, players will be able to start thair own guilds and work with the guild to be the number one guild,
Something i hope we could make was that like the anime the guild would be able to own a house were they will have a request bord

.from the request bord the players can take jobs to earn money, With the money you can buy stuff that can be useful for the player

Player would be able to team up with other guild to


This system could be made by two system one is that we make so the player will choose thair magic in the character creation

the other way(i think this would be best) we make so players spawn in some area or they can choose between a few towns to spawn in and the player have to find someone or something that could learn you the magic so you have to find the magic you want to learn. While you looking/learning the a magic power you are in a frindly status so you can't get killed by other players but you can get killed from things outside the towns

Level system

so if this would be a mmorpg then it will have the normal mmorpg level system monster outside towns bosses, raids and more stuff like that so you have a level you go up in

if we change this to mmo then a idea you would get a stats level were you get like 5 points and you can set it out in diffrent thing like speed, magic, attack power and more like that so it works like a mmorpg level system but in mmorpg you go from level 1 to 2 in this system you would stay att level 1 but you get stats points instead so you get stronger.

guild mark

guild mark will be placed on your guild house and the player him self the player will be able to choose were he wants to put the mark like, head, hand, chest and more

grand magic games

grand magic games will be a tournament were guild will be able to join in to be the number one guild

hope you like this idea of a game.. if you have any good idea post a comment or contact me on moddb

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