Exorcism is a game made on the RPG Maker XP game engine. At the moment it is still in the early stages of development but I will try to get it finished as soon as I can. Exorcism is set in an alternative universe to ours but on a planet similar to our home. On their planet, they have made some technological advances much quicker than we did. For example, some people use guns, and nearly every house uses some form of electricity. But still, some people choose to stay quite primitive, like most of the army who still use swords and shields. As well as their society being quicker to learn than ours, their planet is host to demons and unusual people who call themselves exorcists and claim they got their otherworldly powers from God. The exorcists are quietly shunned but as tensions rise between the normal humans and the exorcists, is full scale war the only way to eradicate the shame of their society? Exorcism uses the Rice Field Battle System. All credit goes to for that.

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Anywhere [OLD] Composer at LoneWolf Games

composer lonewolf games anywhere audio/music i need somebody to compose some music for my game called exorcism. i'm not very good at making music myself and at the moment i am using the default music for rpg maker xp which isn't very good. i will take newcomers as i am new to all this video game stuff aswell. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my email address. -----update----- sorry, but we are not taking composers anymore. the composers to work on the game have been selected.

Anywhere [OLD] URGENT Need Sprite Artist ASAP at LoneWolf Games

urgent need sprite artist asap lonewolf games anywhere artists i need a sprite artist for the game that i am making exorcism because at the moment i am just using the default sprites that come with rpg maker xp. experience isn't required and i'll take newcomers aswell becomes i'm new to video game development myself.

LoneWolf Games
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