You play as Shaun Randall... after your time in the military, you lived a quiet, maybe a bit boring life. You worked as an office employee in a preserved food facility, your payment was good enough for you, your son Mike and your attractive but ordinary wife Kelly. One day, you wanted to go to work, but a Taxi knocked you down. You survived the accident but you`ve lost your legs. They where petrified forever. You would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of you`re entire life. You`ve been assigned to a mental hospital after you`re first try to kill yourself. One of the Therapists, Doctor Van Wargen, had understanding and compassion for you. He gave you an Injection that killed you. You`ve been euthanised. The Doctor did everything necessary so It would look like a suicide. Patient Shaun Randall: Suicide - Died 21 January 1965 In that sleep of death...what dreams may come?

its been a while now since the game has been released. Final Words from me and some questions to you guys.

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So! The game has received far more attentions than I thoight. It spreaded through downloadportals, blogs, youtube, forums...even warez sites =).

To me, it was a bit much. I have received a large amount of emails about bug complains and feedbacks and the overall tone was good. People liked the game and where curious if I would have more to come.

Well, besides my Main Project "Symbiotic" which will surely take forever. I guess its a good Idea to create various small and free First Person Shooters.

most of these would be Horror or Scifi themed, they would only have really few levels ( but those worked out really well) and should entertain for around a half hour.

I was wondering if people are interested in such games? Some replys would really help!


Hmmm I wouldn't mind 30minute games depending on it's moddablility

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I Would Like to See a Fast Paced Shooter From you Like the FPSC Game
Virus 2 That Was fun but Very Hard Or if your not into that you can just make Euthanasia 2 YEAH That's going to be great I Will Give you a review on Euthanasia soon once i finish it!!! :D

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