Europa Universalis II invites you to a global struggle for supremacy from the dark times of Jeanne D'Arc to the flaming wars of Napoleon. As the leader of a country you have to guide domestic and foreign policies. Engage in religious struggles, set up expeditions to claim the New World, lead your country to prosperity and victory. Send your Privateers to roam the seven seas, muster mercenaries to bolster your defences, and send missionaries to convert infidels to your State Religion.

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10 Equer

Mar 21st, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

This game is fantastic.

JayPeterson says
8 JayPeterson

Dec 30th, 2010 0 people agree 0 people don't

Pretty good game, still, I think the dates could be a little more wide. Also there are a lot of provinces and isles that lack in the map, like Madeira island (Portugal) and a lot others.

665 says
9 665

Jan 25th, 2014

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Vassy_72 says
8 Vassy_72

Nov 8th, 2013

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SirWallyWombat says
9 SirWallyWombat

Aug 9th, 2013

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dezz12 says
10 dezz12

Jul 5th, 2013

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polon25 says
10 polon25

Oct 20th, 2011

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hadesfury says
10 hadesfury

Jun 30th, 2011

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Adam0795 says
10 Adam0795

Nov 28th, 2010

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