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Eschalon:Book I. No Sound Ubuntu 13.04 Pulse Audio (Games : Eschalon: Book I : Forum : Support : Eschalon:Book I. No Sound Ubuntu 13.04 Pulse Audio) Locked
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May 13 2013 Anchor

running the game on a mac book pro with ubuntu 13.04
there is no sound. sound settings are set fine in game.
pulse audio lists no application currently playing or recording audio.
other applications show up in pulse audio and sound just fine.

any help would be appreciated.

Dec 26 2013 Anchor

Fedora 19 64bit attempting the demo same issue. No sound. Hard to justify cash for a game that perhaps partially works. Probably the distro(doesnt matter wich one its the same problem and not just htis one) devs fault not game devs. Wont go into details as to my reasoning only to say "I know I am right.".

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