Escape Goat is a puzzle platformer featuring a unique take on traps and machinery. To solve each room, you must escape fearsome foes, navigate mazes, and use the environment to your advantage. Only with the help of a friendly mouse do you stand a chance... use the mouse to reach otherwise unreachable areas, and even warp to him... if you can find a magic hat! Enjoy over 50 stages of fun in this unique labyrinth adventure. - Ranked top 20 on XBLIG (out of 2500 games) - 50 puzzles organized in 10 stages - PC Exclusive bonus campaign with 50 all new levels, difficulty ranging from moderate to insane - Fully featured level editor, share creations with friends and the community by trading map files

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Escape goat is one of the best puzzle/platformers that I have played in a while. The puzzles are based around machinery that moves as you hit switches and buttons. These machines can be as simple as just pushing a block down on an enemy, to as complex as rearranging the entire floor block by block so you can get the key. The goal for each level is simple, get to the door, and if it is locked, get the key on the way. But the way the developer designed each level makes each room completely unique. In all the levels, not a single bit of a puzzle was reused.

The music for this game is superb. It's classic 8-bit style, up-beat when needed, and peaceful during lulls, and dark when, well, dark.

The only downside is the lack of story, but the multiple levels really make up for this. Plus, there are bonus levels after you beat the main story that are extremely hard. They are up there with some Super Meat Boy levels

Fantastic and cute puzzle game. Utterly brilliant.

This is an excellent little platformer with some cool ideas. Highly recommended!

EDIT: I am now 50% through the game. The great first impressions can definitely be confirmed.
Each "world" provides you with several new mechanisms to lear and use. The game is challenging but not too hard and never frustrating.

After finishing the main "campaign", you unlock a seconed world called "All intensive purpose". There are another 40 levels or so. BUT: those are ridiculously difficult! This is practically a completely different game.
Great value for your money, but be warned: You will rage quit more than once.

A very fun and very quirky platformer. Definetly reccomend to everyone and anyone :)

Awesome puzzle-plattformer with a great hero an a cute sidekick.


Everything I like about retro puzzles! 8 bit theme, original storyline, simple controls, limited enemy types, while having challenging levels.

The music is great, the platforming is tight, and the puzzles are challenging and satisfying. I could not put it down! This has become my favorite platformer!

Escape Goat was one of my top games from last year and is to blame for most of the puzzle platformers in my library. Throwing a rat at walls has never been so satisfying.

That rat's where it's at, but the jumping feels good as well and the puzzles kept my walkthrough consultations to a reasonable level. Overall, I found the level of frustration just right for the first campaign. I opted to leave with the happy memories when the platforming requirements increased for the extra content. I'll be tracking Escape Goat 2 once it's available.


Really solid puzzle platformer. Retro graphics, good soundtrack and fun gameplay mechanics. Works perfectly fine with xbox 360 gamepad. You can check my mix + gameplay here:

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