Eris is an open world FPS, with some tower defense and RPG elements thrown in for flavor. In Eris, you are stranded on an alien planet. You’re only hope to escape is the mother ship stored in the main alien stronghold. You must capture alien towers to weaken their main stronghold, so you can break in and steal the mothership. Place defenses such as turrets to protect towers you’ve captured. Upgrade your suit with a jetpack to fly around the battlefield, or boost your armor and tank all the damage you want! Customize your character to suit your play style! Cast spells to burn, freeze, or electrocute your enemies! Take the fight online with up to 7 friends!

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This week, we finally got rid of the terrible checkerboard tower assets. The new assets still need some work, but it's a vast improvement over last week.

We also implemented a jump pad for rapidly ascending floors. Travis has mentioned that he wants to redesign it, so it will likely look completely different in a week or two.

The last big feature this week is turret upgrades. I've made the flamethrower and rocket launcher separate upgrades that cost XP. We've got plans for more turret upgrades in the future as well.

I also had to modify the controls a bit to make the spells I implemented last week a little easier to use.

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