The story is set in the land of Jorokiim; a fantastical land teeming with all the right elements that make for a fun adventure, up to and including maniac shopkeepers. Buster is a once-famous knight of the Royal Guard of Jorokiim, fallen from fame as per the slow march of time. Evil reared it’s head long ago, shooting Buster to fame as the lone knight who stood up to it and clawed back the sanity of the world. Well, not really. There was another guy, a wizard named Lars Séance. He paid the ultimate price, giving his life to perform an archaic spell that would seal away the evil forever, or about 20 years as it turns out. Buster made it out alive, and quietly forgot to mention Lars' sacrifice thus gaining all of the glory.But evil has awoken once more, and has conveniently inhabited the many abandoned dungeons scattered throughout Jorokiim. Rising to face the challenge is what you’d expect of Buster, but really he was forced to do it...

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Facing Your Demons

7 months ago News 3 comments

Quite well, as it turns out!

We've invited several people on board to help test Dungeon Buster, which is going remarkably well considering the hiatus the project underwent at the start of 2015. About that; a lot of things came to a head in late December and I took a step back to re-evaluate both my life and my goals. I had to take a break to concentrate on other more important things but we're back in action now.

Bossfights. Damn are they a pain in the ass to script and choreograph. I split battles into 'attack phases' to make them more manageable in terms of coding. Let's take the boss fight with Finna (the ghost of a knight that has been possessed by an ethereal parasite). The battle with her happens across two larger separate scenarios; battling Finna herself, and battling the parasite. Each larger phase then has at least two phases within it; Finna attacking with a melee attack, and then switching to a ranged bullet-hell type attack pattern, etc.

That's not to say they aren't fun to create though, I love being able to bend these mighty monsters to my bidding bahahaha! And it's also fun from a technical perspective, and even more hilarious when they don't behave properly.

The pair above are Tun & Fae, a duet you'll face in the caves deep beneath the Lonely Tower in Mistmire swamp. As I said, coding their fight is proving one Hell of a challenge but I'm loving every minute of it.

On the topic of shopkeepers, you're gonna be seeing a lot of Aliss (pictured below). She comes from a long lineage of shopkeepers, and has many very similar looking relatives scattered across Jorokiim. In saying that though, they all have their own distinct personalities, and one of them even has a secret underground market.

So there you have it, more lovely pictures of progress!

Any comments, ask them below!


Little Green Lights

Little Green Lights

1 year ago News 0 comments

Dungeon Buster has been Greenlit AND the cave tileset has been redone! Aw yisssss.

Squint Through The Mist

Squint Through The Mist

1 year ago News 1 comment

Something spooky lurks in The Mistmire; locals say those who go in do not return, but you know better, right?

Mixing Up Something Special

Mixing Up Something Special

1 year ago News 4 comments

So potion brewing is being implemented; pick some ingredients and make yourself a tasty brew!

Q-Con XXI Debrief

Q-Con XXI Debrief

1 year ago News 1 comment

Light-Up Warrior Games was at the Indie Arcade in the trade hall of Q-Con Animé and Game Convention showcasing Dungeon Buster! It was a great weekend...

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TheBKCast Sep 22 2014 says:

This looks like a really neat game, if you want someone to review and play your game, shoot us a message or visit our website and submit your game there.

This looks really fun, keep it up! - TheBKCast

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Ketanga Aug 23 2014 says:

Hey dude, I have a couple of ideas that I think that would be pretty cool for the game.

1. Being able to have a party of members accompanying you through the dungeon. You could have 2-3 of them each with back stories and specific things that they are good at. There could be one which could be good at lock-picking, or an alchemist.

2. Sections in dungeons that allow you to set up campsite, such as tents, campfires and cooking spits. You could cook things you find while traversing in the dungeon such as monster meat, vegetables to add more health, sleep in a tent to improve stamina and health and you would also be able to talk with your party members to learn about their back stories. You could also set up a combat dummy and practice fighting. It could also be used as a save-point. Campsites would add that little touch of realism because everyone has to rest.

These are just a few ideas I had, thanks!

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LightUpWarrior Creator
LightUpWarrior Aug 25 2014 replied:

Hey Ketanga, thanks for the suggestions!
Regarding party members; I hadn't thought about including NPCs that can be recruited. There are points in the story where you are accompanied by other secondary cast members (you even get a goddess at one point in the story), but if it's feasible to implement some other NPC companions I will certainly attempt to include it.
Campsites are a good suggestion also; they would provide a good place to take charge of new loot and heal yourself and companions. This would need careful implementation so as to compliment the flow of a dungeon.

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scott.matott Jun 18 2014 says:

Looks great! Can't wait for the demo!

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doppl3r Dec 26 2013 says:

This art is really neat. It feels 3 dimensional and well balanced :D

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ceriux Jan 15 2013 says:

really nice 2d art.

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jordo834 Jan 7 2013 says:

looking awesome! nice work

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