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International jewel thief, Pique Pockette, has stolen the seven largest diamonds in the world. As Dirk Dashing, a top agent for G.O.O.D., you must recover them. Pique's trail leads you into the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany, where you must battle enemy E.V.I.L. agents who are also searching for the diamonds, avoid traps and icy hazards, and solve baffling puzzles in order to save the day!

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Eddward says

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I just completed Dirk Dashing SE. I play DD2 first. I original did not care for the original DD due to you having to go back to the start of a level when ever you get hurt in and way. I'm not really that hard core into platformers, though I must admit I used saved games to complete each level without damage anyhow. It may be psychological but it's nice to have a better look at what ahead before restoring a saved game. DDSE has this same functionality of being able to take some damage before having to restart a level.

The Dirk Dashing games are all cute with cartoon style art and sounds. They are very kids friendly and kid accessible. DDSE does not have some of the feature of DD2 such as ladders, alarms and hand-by-hand bars that were added to DD2, but it is still a fun platformer. There would probably be some benefit skill-wise to play them in order. There were a few control issues I had with DD2 having to do with jumping off ladders. Since DDSE doesn't have latter, it didn't have that issue. I played using the keyboard using non-default key assignments and the controls were nice.

I think I like the sequel a bit better due to new abilities for the player, but the update of the first Dirk Dashing is still a fun game for kids and adults.


Akien says

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Bought Dirk Dashing and Dirk Dashing 2 years ago! For a huge fan of Commander Keen like myself, it's really entertaining. Play it and enjoy it :)


megadriver says

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If you liked Apogee platformers back in the early 90s, don't miss out on this one. As good as the sequel!


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