Detective Scarlet, a heavily story based action RPG, features a young aspiring detective who just graduated from high school at the top of her class who is trying to find the mystery of her parent's death after a house fire occurred coming home from the last day of school. In the meantime she must find clues and interview people who may help in the investigation. Inspired by games such as L.A Noire and the anime Case Closed, you must listen to their voices and how they sound and act to determine if they are lying or telling the truth. Making correct or incorrect choices choices can affect the ending of the game and the characters around you. It is also mixed with action elements with over 5 different weapons.

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Demo Release V2

Demo Release V2

Oct 28, 2014 Demo (483.29mb) 0 comments

The 2nd version of the demo which fixes numerous bugs and grammar errors from the first version back in June.

Detective Scarlet Demo V1

Detective Scarlet Demo V1

Jun 3, 2014 Demo (676.23mb) 0 comments

The official Detective Scarlet demo! Contains around an hour of gameplay which contains most of the first chapter. Buy the game and you can move your...

Detective Scarlet
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MM Games
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Released Sep 28, 2014
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