Dawn of Fantasy is one of the first full 3D MMORTS title with real-time siege combat. Offering an evolving online environment, in which you will be gathering resources, constructing buildings and walls, directing your citizens, completing quests in the service of mighty nobles and fiendish rogues, and managing your economy - all within an online realm that grows, works, lives, and breathes even when you log off. All this is glorious 3d world with stunning level of detail and epic scale - with vibrant towns and thousand strong armies. And of-course let’s not forget the glorious siege battles all in real-time! Developed by Reverie World Studios, Dawn of Fantasy is the result of several years of hard work by a new Toronto based studio, with members all over the world contributing in their spare time.

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The ambitious project of Reverie, by making Dawn of Fantasy the first real MMORTS bring us closer to what a MMORTS should look like. The game shows us eolements that were never seen before in a stategy game and gives you a browser based mmorts multiplayer part in a full 3d world with what you can directly interact.

I can run games like dota 2 or total war games on medium to full graphics but I can't even run this game on low settings without choking my pc?

These people need to warn us about bad coding before scamming us by putting up fake "required specs" for the game.

When i first bought the game it was riddled with bugs but it was playable. Now after som major patches and the new 1.2 patch wich will fix the pathfinding i rate this game at a solid 7. I will see if it will get better or not. But its way better than the launch of the game.
P.S The developers really care what the community thinks and wants wich is always a really good sign.

I give this game a 3 and not a 1 only because I wasn't actually able to play when I booted it up. After waiting around a half hour for it to reach the Main Menu I was greeted by enormous amounts of lag that I could not avoid by switching the graphics to the lowest settings... speaking of which, the graphics in this game are nothing spectacular and appear dated by around 6 or 7 years. That's not to say it takes anything from the game mechanics, of course, just I don't see why it would perform so poorly; I rather think they should have opted for something even simpler and optimized it more efficiently.

Now, when I tried to actually play a game was when things got tricky. First I tried the tutorial - the loading screen took me another 10 or so minutes before it dropped me in. Plenty of lag at first but it all settled down... then I tried to perform a simple objective: "Select the barracks and train Swordsmen." Easy enough, you'd think. However upon selecting said trained Swordsmen I was instantly deafened by the 20db of their horrible call to be directed. After my initial shock and a soft massaging of my sensitive eardrum I clicked the unit again, still the audio clipped well beyond acceptable volume levels. I clicked another unit, no clipping. Swordsman, clipping. I turned the game audio down which solved the problem for about a minute... then I was deafened yet again.

At this point I quit the game, reopened and tried the online campaign, the loading time of which was around 10 minutes. All the audio outside music was now clipping, and nothing I could do would remedy the problem. The game was lagging every 5 or so frames, and I had to Alt+F4 out just to quit the game and avoid sitting there for another 10 minutes waiting to get to the main menu.

This could be a really great game, but for me it was absolutely unplayable and what I saw was fairly unremarkable. A very 'buyer beware' title in my opinion.

A very enjoyable game but need a few changes befor i can give it 9/10

Game is really good!! Soon to be released on Steam also! Should really take off then.

This is game is awesome....its like age of empires with rpg elements and the fact that its an online mmo

looks great

Fun game with a good idea. Needs minor improvements to things such as AI and pathfinding. The game is released but the devs are very good with weekly updates adding and improving.


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