A True Sandbox MMORPG

Das Tal is a true Sandbox MMORPG with a persistent world. This means that the world keeps spinning and developing over the server’s lifetime, rather than only being active when a player logs in. That does not mean that players will spend all their time combining scraps of materials and hunting animals for food. Instead you will meet other players in PvP combat and your world will tell the story of those fights. No quests. No cut scenes. No filler.

Open PvP & Full Loot

Player interaction is the key part of enjoying a Sandbox MMORPG, and for this reason we will not restrict PvP with padding systems such as flagging or safe zones. Instead, players will find that there are consequences and benefits to how they interact with their fellow players - even those of a different skill or character level. Veterans will be rewarded for mentoring newbies. Ganking them is dangerous - as they don’t lose their gear but your high-level stuff easily gets lost.

Custom, Time-boxed Worlds

Time-Boxing a persistent MMO means means breaking up an endless journey into unique chunks. Each server in Das Tal will eventually reach a climactic end event and then refresh, leaving behind a world full of stories, winners and losers. You as the players then decide on the feature list of the new server and eventually enter a new world with completely new challenges.

Limited Grind: Compatible with Real Life

Das Tal will remove a large portion of the grind that is currently necessary in other Sandbox MMOs. You will not be forced to macro your skills or click on resource nodes for hours. Instead you will find that both character progression and the war for resources are tied to PvP events big and small. This means frequent raiding, treasure hunts and city sieges instead of farming mobs for hours and hours.

Player Settlements and Sieges

All cities in das Tal will be player settlements. You will restore the ruins that you discover in the game world and use them as defensive structures for your clan. These settlements will also offer facilities for training, crafting and storage - and they are your clan’s major respawn points. Every now and then you will be sieged by those clans who wish to take your town - and sometimes you might even be the attackers.

Ressource Warfare & Player-driven Economy

You will spend your prime time in game fighting to capture and hold resource deposits. Those are your means of gaining materials for crafting and building, but they can also be used as a method of starving out your opponents. Denying enemies the ability to craft better gear or improve their settlement could mean a serious tactical advantage, turning the tide in what may have otherwise been defeat in a head-on battle.

Fast-paced Combat

PvP is at the core of Das Tal. Technology has advanced enough so that we can finally take a step away from good ol’ Tab-targeting and create an exciting combat system that rewards accuracy, timing and tactical decision making. All abilities in Das Tal will be free-aimed. Full friendly fire & player collision will be enabled. An organised group of skilled players will have a significant advantage against a simple zerg.

Flexible Character Development

Characters in Das Tal are classless. That means that abilities are attached to weapons and armor so that players construct their build when they put on their equipment & pick their abilities. This makes changing roles a matter of swapping out equipment & doing some re-training, allowing players to experience many types of gameplay without having to create multiple characters.

Open Development

It’s 2014 and that means that players can finally directly influence the development of their game. We will not keep development conversation solely on our forums, we would like to stay engaged with the Steam community along with others. You will also be able to vote on our development priorities and send in your designs to be created by us. And of course you will be the ones setting the rules for each individual server.

State of Development

We are currently finishing up the first stage of game development: pre-production. We have spent the last 14 months building a team and creating multiple gameplay and tech prototypes. We have found our art style and setting. Now it's time to start revealing the game so we can take the next step and start full production. This is where we need you. If we can gauge enough interest from the players then it will get much easier for us to raise the necessary funds and get going with making the game that we love.

Who is Fairytale Distillery?

Initially FD started out as just two independent gamer developers (Alex & Sebi) who decided to stop making "small" games and aim for the stars: Our very own Sandbox MMO. We've grown to a team of six people who have worked on this latest prototype. We're based in Munich, Germany, and we have big plans. If you want to meet us in person then just drop by our office or meet us for Quo Vadis and A Maze in Berlin this April - we're going to be giving a talk about pre-production for Das Tal at the main conference: 2014.qvprogram.com

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0 comments by dbltnk on Feb 4th, 2015

I’m trying not to get too nostalgic here but looking back I just realized that I’ve been working on the game full-time for over two years now. Amazing.Anyways, here are the first three milestones we’ve hit so far:

  • Pre-production (reached March ‘14)

    • gameplay prototype
    • art prototype
    • backend decision
    • project plan & budget
    • production core team
  • Alpha-0 (reached July ‘14)
    • 1h game duration
    • basic combat and abilities
    • line of sight, foot steps & bushes
  • Alpha-1 (reached January ‘15)
    • 24h game duration
    • settlements, resources, clans
    • equipment, crafting, char development

Those three were all about setting the basics and actually turning our idea into something resembling a MMORPG. From now on our focus will be to turn our creation into an MMO that actually works as intended and is fun for monthsand years to come. Please keep in mind that these milestones are not completely set in stone. Some things might get done earlier, some might slip into a later batch. And we’ve left out a lot of smaller features and improvements to not make this list too long.image

  • Alpha-2

    • 7 days game duration
    • 400% map size increase (2x2)
    • Basic training & crafting in a neutral city
    • Upgradable buildings in settlements
    • Settlement sieges
    • Clan rights management
    • Weight limits and item stacking
    • Treasure chest spawn system
    • Basic mob AI and abilities
    • 1 char pro account w/ unique names
    • Clan chat
  • Alpha-3
    • 1 month and longer game durations
    • 625% map size increase (5x5)
    • Server end events
    • Custom rules per world
    • World map
    • Character creation
    • Mentor system
    • Trade window
    • Party system
    • Advanced crafting
    • Advances char development
    • Personal stash
    • Advanced chat
    • Web portal
  • Beta & Launch

You might have noticed that I have been very focused on game mechanics and mostly ignored content and art assets in my list above. That is because these parts of the game are on a more continuous development schedule that is loosely coupled with the core mechanics. These items on the list are also the most time-consuming and thusly expensive for our little team (we might even have to add a couple more team members to get them all done in time). But don’t worry - they will still make progress all the way along.

  • Ongoing content expansion and improvements

    • Skills
    • VFX
    • Chars
    • Mobs
    • Environments
    • Buildings
    • Balancing
    • Performance
    • Tools

I hope this makes it a little more clear what you can expect in future versions of the game. We’ll of course keep you updated on our progress as much as we can. And if you are missing a vital feature in my list then please head over to our gameloop page and add it as an idea - once it has gotten 50 votes we’ll consider adding it to the game.Alex

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Nov 6 2014, 2:23am says:

concept art translated well into the game, nice

+1 vote   reply to comment
yhann May 17 2014, 7:44pm says:

I like it.
For the economic model you could think about the price of the game and the subscription to your server as a seperate thing, like making the possibility for the player to create their server (local host or wathever), this way I would personnaly enjoy it, as I have to admite that I prefer to have a game that will not disappear some month later due to none profit (pardon the bad english). Just my opinion, a hint nothing more, not to take seriously.

+3 votes     reply to comment
lVliso Nov 5 2014, 10:48pm replied:

while i do like the idea i also see where dbltnk is coming from. Unless given a decent way to counteract hackers it would not be the best idea but if given such it would be amazing to have. Pricing the game separately from the either monthly or yearly subs would help bring in profit but what would also help is possible something like minecraft is doing with realms. This could help players be able to have their own server all while being protected from hackers. just and opinion in my case but i hope i helped even just a tid bit.^~^

+1 vote     reply to comment
dbltnk Creator
dbltnk May 27 2014, 8:32am replied:

Thanks. That is an option indeed. Though we're a little weary of the host-your-own-server model for a PvP game. Look at DayZ or Rust - with that much hacking going on it's impossible to do any serious PvP.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Guest Mar 23 2014, 6:12pm says:

can't wait to try it out!

+4 votes     reply to comment
ChickenDelight Mar 16 2014, 4:03am says:

Looking good so far. Love the concept.
How much will this game cost?

+2 votes     reply to comment
dbltnk Creator
dbltnk Mar 16 2014, 6:26am replied:

We don't know yet. We haven't decided on a business model for the game yet - still listening to hear what our players would prefer.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Gn0meSlice Mar 23 2014, 5:25pm replied:

Steam release or not, I'd really like to see a DRM-Free release as well. Would make a difference for myself, and many other players, I suspect.

Might I suggest IndieGameStand?

+2 votes     reply to comment
dbltnk Creator
dbltnk Mar 23 2014, 6:22pm replied:

Since this is an MMORPG the only DRM is that you play on a server which is going to be hosted by us. IndieGameStand, HumbleStore or other digital stores are nice but only interesting for a pure P2P model, mostly used with singleplayer games.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Gn0meSlice Mar 23 2014, 6:24pm replied:

That's a good point, if you're going F2P you probably don't really need to worry about where you distribute the game through.

+2 votes     reply to comment
dbltnk Creator
dbltnk Mar 23 2014, 6:30pm replied:

Exactly. At this point the question would be more like "How do we host the game as cheap as possible?". But then we might not go F2P at all. Time will tell. =D

+2 votes   reply to comment
ChickenDelight Mar 17 2014, 4:07am replied:

Well, I hope it'll be free so I can play it, but I can see it costing $20 or something like that :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
dbltnk Creator
dbltnk Mar 23 2014, 6:22pm replied:

We'll announce it once we have found a business model that's both awesome for players and devs. =D

+2 votes   reply to comment
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