DarkSpace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in the time of space travel and interstellar warfare. The universe has become a tumultuous place in the future of political infighting, economic sanctions and diplomatic posturing. All of the factions have high hostility towards one another with a few outposts staying neutral, at least initially, to determine their best interest.

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it cool

one of the best games I have ever played due to teamwork, and the overall community as well.


its like driving big hulks around the space, you wont stop right away, so dont go flying aroud planets too close! like most of online MMOs ther you have levels and experience and grindin/farming/sucking on something... not here! here you have rank, prestige and a lot of combat where you wont always come out alive and you wont always win. here you will struggle. one stupid move and you go kaboom! so better have a friend by your side, teamwork IS the key. you can however command AI ships of lower rank but that isnt the same as if you have a real player by your wing.
you gain prestige as you damage enemy ships, capture planets, repair others, build (oh yes, you can build, its not graphicly stuning, but that mean that each planet has different configuration of building and has different effect on your faction), capture, kamikaze and many different values you can brag about.
each faction has its own uniqe stly of play and abilities UGTO are known for strong armor and decent firepower, ICC are only one who use shields are the most maneuverable and have the longest range of most weapons, and KLUTH with their fast jump drive capability, surperior fire power and cloaking ability. each side has its weaknesses too. but the game is 10-year old, but that doeasnt mean it sucks, im just trying to say that developers work on this game for FREE, only money they get is from us buyng credist for enhancment - wich are also collectable in game with some dedicated work. the team has been on this game for 10 years and game mechanics have improved, upgraded and is even more sophisticated,there will be no darkspace 2, there will be next patch wich will add new things, improve and balange all. there are some minor balancing issues, its hard to balance 3 diffecent races with completley different attribues. but thats how it is, take what you have and make best of it, just like in real warfare. and that what makes it special, despite all the flaws, you will enjoy it!


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