Explore the secluded region of Ashan, where fearless orcs, wild goblins, dreadful undead, elusive trolls, gigantic dragons and many other creatures stunning in both size and depravity. This is a new and darker side of the legendary universe of Might and Magic, where the forces of evil are stronger and more cunning than ever.

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This game is amazing, but I HATE UBISOFT for not letting us mod the game, or at least let us play with the spells, imagine all we could do ! apart from that, i think this is an amazing Game, it would be perfect if it was like free roaming, and that you could go and take quests, but even so its still lovable. I hope to see another game like this, someday . . .

Практически во время выхода, ей хотели дать первое место всех игровых хит-парадов. Но почему-то не дали...

best fighting sword slashing game ever but i want more combo's and big maps to find stuff not gonna happen 10 for u

Miss this game! I wish they would keep making more episodes or turn this into a more of a rpg/fps I would choose this game over Assassins Creed :)

Превосходная "Живая" игра.
Превосходная боевка и геймплей, взаимодействие с окружением, небольшая нелинейность. Красивые и разнообразные локации, интересные враги и бои, отличный сюжет. Ксана.

I'm not expert at rating, I just want to say this game is very underrated and deserves to be a long-series-ed one.
Combat and melee play can be frustrating at first the you start to have fun finding new ways to get rid of your enemies, absolutely great game and good job from the creators of Arx Fatalis.

A fun first-person RPG.

The story is not bad or great at first, but about half way when the mystery of what you are is revealed it gets interesting.

The combat is pretty fun. Kicking enemies off cliffs, into fire, on wall spikes that are conveniently placed everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Some of the magical weapons are really cool to use. The skill points tree was also good.

The characters needed to be developed more.

I like how some quests were optional. Even boss fights were optional. The game doesn’t really lock you in a room and force you to fight a boss.

The endings are not bad, the problem is you just get a short cut scene, I wanted an actual epilogue to see the consequences of the choices I made throughout the game.


this is one of those unknowed great games!

One of my all time favorites!

nearly perfect, if the kick was nerfed, a better story, more unique environments, and if it was open world, it would be my all time favorite game. needs a sequel now

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