Crypts of Avaritia is a combination of randomly generated dungeons together with a first person view with gameplay similar to Heretic/Hexen combined with Dungeon Hack, Ultima Underworld, Dungeon Master, Might & Magic, Daggerfall, Arena and other games in the same genre. The gameplay will not force the player into melee combat as many other RPGs do, instead choice will be given to approach any problem the way the player seem fit, just like in Deus Ex. As such there are many non-combat skills for the player to upgrade. There are strong survival-mechanisms coupled to the gameplay, such as the player need to sleep, eat and drink water. You can also break bones, bleed and get poisoned.

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Ok, got my graphics card back Friday and have been updating things today, thought it would be nice with a new video of the stuff that has been added over the last 4 weeks. In this video the player is maxed out on everything just for show, this will be different in the standard gameplay.

In order of appearance you see:
- Perception check of player perception level reveals a trap (if the player level is lower that the trap level no visual or audible hint will be given).
- The door is locked and you need to open it with a sequence of latches/buttons. There are 6 types of doors; open doors, locked doors with specific key, doors that open with a lever/button elsewhere, doors that must be lock-picked, doors that needs a sequence (as in the video) and finally doors that are being opened by projectiles at remote locations (open with magic or arrows, or use levitate spell and take a swinf at it).
- You find the sequence and open the door.
- You pick up some items. Weight of items has been implemented encumbrance will have effect on the player.
- You drink some water in the fountain.
- You fill up a empty bottle with water in the fountain.
- Your body temperature has decreased a bit so you raise it by the fire.
- You sleep for a while to regain stamina.
- You equip a torch to see in the dark.
- You get cut by the swinging trap and start to bleed (level 1 severity). Oh, and by the way, it was done on purpose for demonstration purposes ;).
- You change the hand in which the torch is being held (you can equip 2 weapons/torches/shields at the time).
- You find somewhere to climb down on a wall, climbing depletes your stamina pretty fast. If your stamina drops to 0 you loose your grip and fall down.
- You find a secret path (determined by skill check on player, if the level is to low you won't be notified, although you can still pass through the wall).
- Fall damage is implemented and showed (you can break bones if you survive the fall which will impair your movement).

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