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Read the short story behind the Tanuki Teakettle and watch the video of the epic miniboss fight against the furry creature inside this article!

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The Tanuki Teakettle is a mysterious and elusive creature... This cute little package of metal and fur may be in for the fight of his life against Vaniria, but compared to his hardships before, he may be less disheartened than one might think...

Tanuki Teakettle, awww!

Learn the secrets of the Tanuki Teakettle in the wonderful all-new Corona short story, The Tea-Maker's Tale, prepared exclusively in honor of the community that helped us choose this cute furry creature!

Miniboss Mechanics

The battle against the legendary Tanuki Teakettle is too fierce for words! Instead, watch the video below! For additional details on the creature's skills, be sure to scroll down below the video.

Skill: Steambath


Summons batches of slow-moving clouds of thick steam to cover the screen. While the clouds themselves are harmless, they obstruct vision by hiding anything that passes below them.

Skill: Teatime


Pours hot, yet extremely well-brewed tea onto the battlefield in a slowly swirling spray.

Skill: Best Served Hot

Best Served Hot

The kettle boils over, spraying hot tea and fiery embers into the air to fall over everything.

Skill: Swirl!


Summons a raging storm of sharp tea leaves to surround the area, limiting movement and preventing escape. The storm subsides only when the Tanuki Teakettle is defeated.


Looks like you had a bit of fun with it. Good job. ;)

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Snowduckie Author

Oh we truly did! I wish the story would've fit in the article though, but I'm not very good at doing proper text formatting in the IndieDB article posting thing, and I feared the video just be hidden at the bottom of the page...

And believe me, I'm going to be in trouble if no one reads the story... ._.

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Also, I like that he's got a little ribon on 'em. Like, "YAY! I WON! THIS IS MY PROOF!"


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I like the game-play, the steam clouds looked very challenging, not being able to see the enemy (as you did) is a definite plus.

Was there a Japanese woman playing it or is that the voice for the character?
If it was voice for the character, then i find it pretty cool how it matched with heavy attacks.

The little kettle guy is very cute

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Snowduckie Author

Yeah the fight is quite on the difficult side at the moment. When I'm making these things, I usually make the most difficult setting first and then scale it down from there.

Oh and yeah that was the voice of the character. I didn't even notice how she manages to say the "power up" lines in very appropriate spots, purely coincidental xD

She actually says them when the "power" in the left side reaches 200% and 300%, but I've been too lazy to make the proper particle/sound effects for the occasion, so it isn't very obvious at the moment.

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Does Chibi do the voices?

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Killerchibi Creator

Hah… hah… hah… Luckily the answer is no. Snowduck made me do some “Japanese” voice acting few years back… and… ummm… it didn’t sound very pretty.

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Who does it than.

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Snowduckie Author

We actually managed to purchase the voices some years back from a bigger voiceover company. The voices we have for Vaniria were made by a professional voice actor named Mio, if I remember correctly.

Corona has her own voice too, but I think we didn't have the chance to upload any material with hers. Well, except for the game download we have in the download tab, but the voice is a bit silent in that one because the sound effect system is badly made x(

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