CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person shooter (old style) with 5 different game modes and a huge open world space craft to explore.

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Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Excited that you found a new weapon or worked something out?

This is the place to post your spoilers!

I will start with the first one!

There is a plasma pistol near to where you start! and there is a plasma SMG on deck 3. You will need them :)

Jun 15 2013 Anchor

Foreword: Just remember, that occasionally you will get attacked while searching, so its up to you if you want to weigh the risks vs the benefits of looking for items. Usually even if you are attacked the searching is well worth the reward.

On Deck 3, there is three "hidden" weapons. Search well and you'll find them. One is available only AFTER the fire is out. One of these is the aforementioned Plasma SMG.
On Deck 7, there is two "hidden" weapons.

You can pick up multiple large health kits EVEN when at full health. Avoid stepping on them when your health bar is fully yellow. Same goes for Armor pickups.

You can pick up lazer rifles you find in the environment even when you have that weapon. Picking one up recharges your battery for that weapon back to full.

Reloading will throw away the rest of the clip. So if you have a clip with only 50% of the bullets used, all 50% of those bullets will be lost when you reload. Only reload if you absolutely need to or don't want to get "stuck in the reload" when attacked.

Ammo and Medkits respawn after a period of time in the ALPHA (only).

When you enter the main access corridor for the first time, run to the RAT (remote access terminal; Will have big RED letters of RAT above it), hit "e" to interact, hit the button (as the game IS NOT PAUSED) and run back to the airlock. For the time being, there is far too many enemies and you do not have the firepower to handle them. Always can come back later.

The only way to kill a zombie is to repeatedly hit in the head. Unfortunately in the alpha they seem to be a bit more resilient in V0.33 (this one) than they were in V0.32. If at all possible avoid combat with them.

Several nice items including the best weapons are located on the Medical Deck for this Alpha. Its also swarming with a lot of really nasty critters so watch out!

Avoid Storage Rooms A and B on Deck 3, until you have heavy firepower. Occasionally something gets out, and if you don't have the firepower, you will die.

The minigun is extremely powerful but has an extremely long wind-up period. Use at own risk in close-combat battles. Better for use in long-range battles such as the Main Access Corridor.

Little biters ("little" is a misnomer; they look like oversized hairless rats as compared to the other things that want to eat you and are about as big as you are) have a habit of "playing dead" when you kill them. Be aware of this when exploring after it you kill one.

There is a beginning to an "escape" from the ship in the alpha. Its not fully complete yet as it requires going to decks not available in the alpha, but would be useful for those that intend to try out the beta or final game.

On Deck 1 after you leave the staircase, to your left ends in a big door with a couple plasma ammo clips outside. When the lockdown is disengaged on Deck 1, this door can be openned by approaching it. However, it DOES NOT CLOSE. So approach at your own risk.

To disengage the lockdown on Deck 1 approach the center console (the one the plasma rifle is leaning against) and press "e" to interact with it. Shaun has mentioned that the prompt is disabled but will work (tried and it does). Try jumping on the chair and looking at the console if that helps. In the alpha you only have access to Captain's Logs. I'm sure in the beta, you will have access to the other options.

Tactical on Deck 1 has an ammo cache of about 10 clips of ammo and a medkit behind the console.

At the end of one of the long corridors on Deck 1 is a Large Med Kit for those in need of health.

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Jul 27 2013 Anchor

Check out this video for a walk-though up to the bridge!

Alpha0.36 Walkthrough

After the bridge is when the fun really starts, In alpha 0.36 you have access to decks 1,2,3,4,7 in operations and the main access corridor.
In the Beta you will have all 21 decks of the ship, in the full game you will have the colony and space station.

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