CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person shooter (old style) with 5 different game modes and a huge open world space craft to explore.

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Jun 11 2013 Anchor

Here are some official Hints & Tips for the alpha v0.33


Search for weapons, there are weapons all over the place. In the story mode and onslaught mode you can find a variety of weapons :

Laser pistol - Tactical light, Self-Recharge (starting weapon)

Plasma Pistol - Laser sight, II (image Intensification) lots of these around, standard weapon but quite effective.

Standard Laser Rifle (yellow) - High maximum charge, fast fire rate but slow recharge rate.

High Grade Laser rifle (red) - Laser sight, Very high maximum charge, very high fire rate and recharge rate. these are rare

Plasma Rifle MK 3 - Tactical Light, II Sight. Great in the dark these rifles are the standard issue of the CDF, very common and useful

Plasma SMG - Laser sight, II sight. These have a very fast rate of fire and are great for close range. Only a few of these about

Plasma Rifle MK 4 (prototype) - Laser sight, advanced II sight - only a couple in the alpha and 4 in the full game. Much more advanced and accurate than Mk3

Plasma Mini-Gun - Laser sight, dual cartridges. The mini-gun is a power full piece of kit, hard to aim and has a warm up and a cool down, but very effective and a huge ammo capacity. Only 1 of these so search HARD!


To save ammo its a good idea to use laser weapons until they are depleted and then change to a plasma weapon.
Reload often, but conserve as much ammo as possible, when you reload you lose what was still in your last clip.

Don`t forget to hold right mouse to aim, while aiming the middle scroll mouse zooms in and out of II sights.

Midi-kits and ammo

There are many medi-kits, ammo and shield around, you will need them. In onslaught mode remember where they are! There are small and normal medi-kits, small ones recharge your health to its 100 maximum points, and normal ones boost your health to 200 points (overlaid yellow health bar)

Medikits are located everywhere, many can be found in medical. In onslaught they are essential to your survival.

Ammo - Ammo is found in various places and is stockpiled in the armory, in the beta it is best to return to the armory to stock up before exploring.

Shields - There are only a few shields located, they are essential in order to reduce the damage you take.


Use your maps (m key) in story mode, get your bearings and you will be able to navigate the ship quite easily.


In story mode you will have objectives at the start of the game, after you take the lock-down off you need to look for ways to escape. In the full game you will also have a journal which will explain objectives in more detail and list completed objectives. Press o to bring up the objectives tab.

Misc Tips and info

Press B to go to third person mode. Once in third person mode hold F1 to see camera controls. Press T while in third person to toggle your aiming cross-hair


Hold F to sprint. there are many situations where you will increase your chances of survival by running away and finding a safe area to return fire.

Crouch and Jump - Hold c to crouch and space to jump.

Use : press E to use or interact with computers. Most doors are automatic and some require key-codes to open.

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