CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person, third person survival horror and sci-fi shooter. We don’t have much choice with these sort of games today and we don’t have a free roaming one! Our vision is bring you a fun, scary, highly re-playable sci-fi game like the older games such as Doom, System shock, Dead Space, ACM, Natural Selection etc. There are some good ones out there but we want to do a few things new such as a free roaming game and a real first person mode with a helmet view for extra realism and atmosphere. There are over 20 different enemies and over 20 different weapons with some cool gadgets. Please play the alpha we have released to see what we mean when we say "it’s not just a game, It’s an experience!" FULL NATIVE RIFT VERSION !! Rift demo available - see our web site

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Apr 27 2013, 5:54pm Anchor

As with all alphas and prototypes there are a few little bugs I am aware of, these are:

1) The kill counter does not show up in onslaught mode and the kills total does not calculate correctly, this will be sorted out in the end of may release

2) Still get the odd random bug with AI, this will hopefully be worked on more for the end of may update release.

3) Pressing M key for map again when the map is up causes map not not exit, again this will be sorted in End of May Update.

4) Pause menu not pausing game. I am aware of this and included this menu to exit the current game. The ingame pause menu for the beta will feature the inventory, journal, maps and more.

If you notice any other bugs please let me know.

Jun 24 2013, 11:30am Anchor

Would it be good to post which bugs you believe you have squashed, so that we know which ones to report and which ones to hope to see fixed in the next version?

Jun 24 2013, 12:35pm Anchor

Yep, all the bug fixes and new additional content will be in the new alpha read-me file :)

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