Carnage Live! is a near-futuristic top-down multi-player game show where competitors blow chunks out of each other for glory and cash. Set in an arena housing a horde of blood thirsty spectators, the player must please the crowd with excessive gore to make good TV. Frantic combat is the aim of the game, as well as creative use of weapons and arena booby traps to provide maximum spectator enjoyment.

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Carnage Live! is an almost completely unknown game, developed by a handful of people in a quiet corner of the Internet. Now with funding issues threatening to kill it off before it has a chance to shine, we turn to Kickstarter and ask for your support.

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We're not jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon because it's fashionable, nor because everyone else is doing it. We're not doing it because we're greedy, nor using it as a mechanism for pre-orders on an already finished title. We're hitting Kickstarter because we have to. We no longer have the funding to finish the game, and although I (Simon Keating, Lead Developer) can carry on working on it for free, I will probably have to re-mortgage my house, sell my broken down old car and start eating bugs from the garden for sustenance. That wouldn't make my Mrs happy. Not only that, but you'll never see the AAA quality artwork the game needs to make it shine.

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With all that in mind, we had to hit Kickstarter and we launched the game there yesterday. We're asking for a modest £40k, which will pay for a years development, a large amount of artwork, a few items of software, and networking/testing infrastructure fees. In return we're offering backers the game at a discounted rate, access to all beta builds, cool character customisations and other things too.

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The best way to get a feel for the vibe of the game and the long term goals is to check out the Kickstarter page and watch the video. If you like what you see, please consider backing. We need all the help we can get by early Feb 2013.

Carnage Live! on Kickstarter


this should be on indiedb, not moddb as its not a MOD

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You do realize the amount of indie games on here right? Do you plan on telling all of them to move to IndieDB as well?

Also, last time I checked this shows up on IndieDB too.

If it's on one, it's on them all.

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CarnageLive Author

I submitted it on indiedb, not on moddb. How do you stop it appearing on moddb?

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

All indies are visible on Mod DB anyway. They cannot be switched off. However indie articles and downloads can be turned off from Mod DB but there's little point in most cases.

It's completely normal. When Indie DB was introduced, Mod DB and Indie DB content wasn't separated. Basically everything is shown on Mod DB.

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CarnageLive Author

Thanks for that. So long as I haven't fudged up, I'm happy. :)

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by telling the admin not to advertise new indie games on a mod database lol

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