Zombie Desperation is horror themed games for Android and iOS Devices. The player will fight hordes of enemies across six scenarios. The game is FREE, by playing the game you will be supporting our other projects such as Slaughter Maze.

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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Graphics Designer [Content creator, illustrator] at Ominous Entertainment

graphics designer [content creator, illustrator] ominous entertainment anywhere artists job description the illustrator will create content for already positioned games in the mobile market. as ominous entertainment keeps launching games, the attention of the players focus on the latest games, while slowly forgetting the older ones. the objective of the creation of this position is to have an artist to design content for the older games and keep them "alive" for longer lifespans. this content might range from backgrounds, to weapons, to enemies, to promotional illustrations. sometimes the artist will be given freehand to create content for the game. the workload of the position will be light and the artist will decide his deadlines most of the time. gig example "mr. artist-san, christmas is coming, we need you to dress our zombies in santa clothes and create a zombie themed background, at a snowy scenery. talk to our programmer for technical details". requirements ★game development experience is not a must. ★a certain degree of discipline. ★the applicant must be open to try out new things, even creating sprite sheets for animation purposes if it is necessary. this does not mean he must be a master in every graphic design area, our devs will help the illustrator improve on what he is lacking. ★free time ★the applicant must be an artist, preferably an illustrator. however anyone that can produce illustrations with the level of quality of the pictures below is more than welcome to join. [center] [/center] project details the illustrator will work on a wide set of projects. from zombie desperation to demon runner and maybe on our newest games. most of our projects are horror themed and aimed towards an adult audience. compensation the applicant will work on already established games that have been already promoted by a publisher, meaning that the product of his work will be showcased to thousands of players daily. perfect for those that want to get exposure or to build a shinny portfolio for the game industry. ★after 1 or 2 months of work (depending on how the artist does while developing content) he will be promoted to an official developer and will be given paid gigs from projects of our clients. ask more information about this via e-mail. ★the applicant must own a paypal account to receive payments thanks for reading

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist or Illustrator at Ominous Entertainment

concept artist or illustrator ominous entertainment anywhere artists exm games is now looking for concept artists or illustrators to fill a background artist position at our new project, codenamed "zombie horde". who is exm games ? who is exm games ? - mod db job description: the artist will work creating several pieces of concept art, which later will be refined into illustrations to be used in production. these illustrations will be used as backgrounds where zombies and other mutants of the game will spawn from to attack the player. the desired quality of the illustrations needed must be at the same level or supperior than the following pictures. requirements: -a cetain degree of discipline. -free time, must be able to dedicate the project at least 1 hour per day(exm games does not work on weekends) -being a fast worker -experience not required but a certain level of skill is desired. creativity --experience creating sprites is a plus project details game description: you are part of a special ops team that was sent to rescue a vip that got stranded inside the city where the zombie apocalypse began. the gameplay will contain improved arcade style mechanics. the game is part of our carnage frontier franchise, for more information on the franchise, please visit the following links. http://www.moddb.com/games/carnage-frontier-desperation http://www.moddb.com/games/carnage-frontier this is a non-paid position for a short term development cycle, perfect for those who want to increase their resume and cv by adding their name in a full developed and released game, fast. students will get a great deal of experience working on this position. the game is for non profit purposes, but to support our other games. after the project is over, the new artist will be added to exiled mind games directory of developers and taken in mind for future paid positions. thanks for reading

Anywhere [OLD] Marketing Purposes illustrator at Ominous Entertainment

marketing purposes illustrator ominous entertainment anywhere artists who is exm games ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vktgnkcarno job description the applicant will work creating several illustations that will be used for marketing purposes. the workload will be light to medium, but it is required that the artist as free time. check the following url as an example of the minimum quality needed, as well as the kind of pictures that we will need him to work on. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=496039727085978&set=pb.312373615452591.-2207520000.1359929250&type=3&theater the artist will work directly for our marketing director requirements 1.- discipline 2.- free time 3.- a certain level of skill 4.- experience in the game industry is a plus but not a must 5.- experience replicating characters is a plus too. venefits the illustrations will be used in several ways such as announcing the release of our upcoming projects, so this position offers a great deal of exposure. at the moment we don't have any paid positions available and there is a large queue of developers waiting for one to be freed. however this job is perfect for those seeking to build a gaming portfolio, increase their resume or simply seeking massive exposure. thanks

Zombie Desperation
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