Command last of the Libra class carriers and avenge the fall of your home world in this space real time strategy game. Build a variety of crafts, conquer planets and space stations and travel the universe. You will face a single player campaign filled with exciting battles depicted with unique art style. Upgrade your ships between missions and combine them into unstoppable fleets. Survival of your race depends on your actions Commander!

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Nice difficulty, addicting gameplay. Somehow I love the simple graphics as well. Minor changes (like an easier way to merge nearby fleets) would make it a 10/10.

This was a really fun game. Thanks for the Linux support.

i like this game alot and have bought it after trying the demo. I enjoy it more than phage wars but unfortunately there are some flaws which made playing a bit of a hassle:

* enemy units can get stuck somewhere and cannot be shot, so the level cannot be finished

* playing on linux x64, i had to install additional alsa and pulseaudio libraries (not such a biggie, but for others it might be a reason not to buy)

* where is the box select? merging multiple fleets is redundant, dull work if you have to click on each one separately (reminds me of dune, one of the first RTS games.)

* some kind of spawn point management would be VERY useful.

this game is too much mousework atm i think. make players lives a little easier and they can enjoy the tactics behind alot more.

I am rating this 1 because i think the game needs to be more polished. in it's current state i wouldn't play it anymore (did approx. 1h). with a little love from the devs it will certainly get awesome and i'll lean towards an 8.

(current version: 1.4)

Needs a little work, but very promising. Keep an eye on this.


Very nice game, but it seems a copy of Solarmax (a flash game, you can find it here Other than being a clone, it's good.

Fantastic game just add some shortcuts to select the main ship or a planet even while a fleet swarms it and everything would be perfect.

Not a bad game, good concept but could have been expanded. Still, a few hours of entertainment.

Excellent for what it is. Quick, fun gameplay with simply, intuitive mechanics and interface.

Very nice game! It has an atmosphere, like Osmose... It isn't the most beautifull game you'll ever see, but the very fast and nervous gameplay creates a real inteligent strategy game that should be played!


Pretty good and straightforward game. It's only obvious flaw is that it's very short.

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