Bloody Trapland is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer where the levels are filled with dozens of dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way! Play co-op with your friends or take on the challenges on your own. With support for both local and online multiplayer.      •    100+ levels.      •    1-4 Players.      •    Three different game modes.      •    co-op only and secret areas.      •    Online scoreboard.      •    4 playable characters.      •    Unique soundtrack.      •    Hours and hours of gametime. This is a challenging, yet simple game that anyone can enjoy, whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer.

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Jul 24 2012, 12:16am Anchor

Here is a general troubleshooting guide for any issues you might have. It will be keept updated as time goes.

My game won't start/stuck in loading screen:
Try some of the following,

  • Run game as administrator
    Goto "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\Bloody Trapland", rightclick "Bloody Trapland.exe" and choose "Run as administrator".
  • Install/repair both XNA 4.0 and .Net 4.0
  • Delete your save/settings folder: C:\Users\*username* \AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland
  • If installing from Desuras client, remove this folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Cache", then re-download the game.
  • Reinstall game

I can't find my CD-Key:
Inside Desura client -> click "Play" (top of client) -> Right click Bloody Trapland in game list -> View CD-Key
Alternatively you can also find you cdkey at this url:

When entering CD-Key in game it gives me a 404 error:
Make sure you don't have kind of firewall/software blocking "Bloody Trapland.exe".

And if you are behind a proxy, then you need to set it up in your internet

I can't host a server:
Please read this guide.

My game freezes upon death!
Try deleting this file:
C:\Users\*users*\AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland\UserFeedback.xml

I keep getting "timed out" when playing online:
This is often caused by too many lost network packages and/or a bad connection between server and client. We are however working on a patch to stabilize this, in the mean time make sure you have such as clean connection as possible and a good ping to the server.
Also, hamachi seems to stabilise a lot for those experiencing this issue sense it bypasses routers/firewalls.

Or, If you experience any other issues or need further assistance, we will be glad to help, remember that all the information you can give us will help out. So please create a new thread in the support forum and answers the questions below as good as possible:

  • With as much detail as you can give, explain the issue you are having.
  • What version of the game are you using?
  • If the game crashe; where, when and what was the last things you did?
  • Do you receive a error message?
  • Is there a error log created? If so, please include it in your post. ( C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland\Error )

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Jul 26 2012, 6:10am Anchor

mine says there was an error during the MCF install process and it has been stopped.
Failed to download tools. [7.0]
please help i dont want to waste my money on something that doesnt work!

Jul 27 2012, 5:42pm Anchor

i played the demo before but i cant install the game coz it says there was an error during the validation procces so it canceled didnt get any data from cfg server . 180

Jul 28 2012, 9:10am Anchor

Terbo91 this is a Desura issue, try installing the standalone instead.

Jul 30 2012, 9:09pm Anchor

I tried updating my BTL and now it it keeps having errors and I try to install it again and it keeps on giving me errors when it's trying to find what to install

Jul 31 2012, 3:45am Anchor

Chiiboo, you need to be a bit more precise on where and what errors you get for me to me able to help. If it is Desura that's giving you errors, try installing the standalone instead.

Jul 31 2012, 8:06pm Anchor

It keeps coming up with error 404, no response from the server. I bought the game last night.

this is when I try and enter my cd-key

Aug 1 2012, 7:46am Anchor

You get the 404 error when the game cannot communicate with the auth servers. Make sure that you have a internet connection when activating and that you don't have any application on your computer that's blocking access ex. firewall / antivirus software.

Aug 1 2012, 9:03am Anchor

I tried to make a "server" or a room, for me and my buddy. But everytime he tries to join it, it says connection failed or timed out. I really want to play ALONE with him, but I only can play with others with or without him. Please help?

Aug 1 2012, 9:09am Anchor

Hey Alexa, have a look at this:

I can't host a server:
Please read this guide.

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Aug 1 2012, 4:50pm Anchor

Every time I die in the game it freezes and says it stopped responding, I have tried re installing it but it continues to do this. When I start the game it is fine and I can walk around and everything perfectly, but if I die it just automatically stops and the error report pops up for one second and disappears and the game stops responding.

Aug 1 2012, 5:17pm Anchor

Hey Poob

Try deleting this file:
C:\Users\*users*\AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland\UserFeedback.xml

Aug 1 2012, 5:43pm Anchor

Thank you very much it worked c:

Aug 1 2012, 6:22pm Anchor

Thanks for reporting this, have now added it to the troubleshooting guide.

Aug 1 2012, 11:19pm Anchor

The error I have is that the game won't show everything on the screen, and my 2 monitors only having the resolution of 1024x768, I have to play the game on both, and it's rather annoying. Anyone got anything for that?

Aug 1 2012, 11:40pm Anchor

The game is currently only running at 1280x720, we are looking into adding custom screen sizes in the future.
However, you could try running it in fullscreen?

Aug 3 2012, 5:45pm Anchor

Okay, ive tried all the things that are supposed to fix the loading screen problem, but nothing has helped, i could run the demo fine, loved the game and decided to purchase, downloaded everything required, but every time i run the game, the same thing happens it just gets stuck on the loading screen, ive uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times now and im feeling that this was a waste of money :/

*edit* after the 9th time of un and re installing, its working now :D
idk what was wrong though xD

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Aug 11 2012, 4:44am Anchor

My bloody trapland just doesnt respond, every time i open it, it just gets stuck on loading screen then says its not responding any help ?

Aug 11 2012, 6:13am Anchor

Have you done whats stated above?

My game won't start/stuck in loading screen:
Try some of the following,

  • Run game as administrator
  • Reinstall game
  • Install/repair both XNA 4.0 and .Net 4.0
  • Delete your save/settings folder: C:\Users\*username* \AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland
Aug 11 2012, 7:04am Anchor

iv done all accept run as administrator cause for some reason i cant any help with that part?

Aug 11 2012, 7:09am Anchor

Goto "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\Bloody Trapland", rightclick "Bloody Trapland.exe" and choose "Run as administrator".

Aug 11 2012, 7:31am Anchor

OK i did everything listed and it still doesnt work iv installed repaired XNA 4.0 and .Net 4.0 ran it as administrator deleted my save even though i havnt even played it yet and still NOTHING what else is their?

Aug 11 2012, 7:46am Anchor

Have a look in: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland\Error and see if there is a file generated.
Send it to me in a PM and I'll help you out.

Edited by: Torshall

Aug 11 2012, 7:56am Anchor

there isnt a Error thing their and it still syas not responding on the loading screen

Aug 11 2012, 8:00am Anchor

Iv'e sent you a pm.

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