We asked ourselves, what would happen if Amnesia and Clive Barker’s: Undying had a baby? The result would be Blinding Dark, a First Person Shooter horror game. Complete puzzles, collect items and power-ups, fight enemies and do your best to manage the very thin resources you have at your disposal. Blinding Dark will have a total of 6 Acts and each Act will take place in a different environment while adding to the story and gameplay.

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Great job on improving the visuals and additional features. My only hope is at some point you open it up a little so it doesn't feel like your always going down a corridor. Having some open areas or even some outdoor levels would really be fantastic. Again great work and best of luck.

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primus88 Author

Hi Shakes,

As usual, your feedback is right on point. It's my fault here since I never really shown any of the open areas in the game. There are some massive ones in chapter 2 and 3, but I forgot to actually showcase them.

As an apology I will include a large open area in the next video :)

Did you played the demo to the part where you get to some levitating rocks? That is what you mean by open area? Or you ment more like actual nature? :)

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I was actually thinking where you are outside of a structure and can get the feeling your are outside. I don't think you need large open "nature" areas but at least some parts where you get the sense that you are outside or at least can see outside (i.e. sky, light, weather effects, etc.). Not sure if that made any sense but when I played your demo (which I liked) I kept asking myself...what's beyond these walls? Again wish you the best and great job on continuing to make improvements. Look forward to trying your next update.

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