*Due to my inability to gain essentially any attention for this game's development, I have moved on to other projects for now. I will return to and likely remake Blight at a future date, but it is suspended indefinitely until then. Hopefully, another project will become successful enough to return to Blight. I appreciate the support I've received so far, and I also apologize to those same supporters that I have been unable to deliver.* Blight is an independently-developed platformer that spans four kingdoms as you combat an industrialized race bent on draining every resource available out of the land. Players are helped along by a pendant that gives them the ability to harness a wall of power temporarily. This allows the player to block projectiles, clear pathways, disrupt enemies, raise dangerous obstacles and ceilings, and float temporarily. System Requirements: Windows PC DirectX 9 compatible video card Recommended: Intel Pentium D or better Nvidia Geforce 7900 or better

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