First-person Monster Boxing with Customizable Boxing Gear! You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. She's outmuscled, undersized, and in way over her head. Can she master the skills needed to get to the top of the legendary boxing leagues of Beasthalla?

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Game looks nice but the controls don't feel natural enough for me and I don't feel there's enough of an interaction with the opponents. Fights seem based on repeating patterns. I couldn't see a round clock and this removed any sense of urgency to fight so slow, boring but successful patterns could be used to fight.

Great boxing game. Better than I thought possible and very fun! Well worth double the price.

A nice Punch-Out styled game. Played well enough on my laptop and gave a fun experience, nice challenge, not too much grinding, decent characters and story.

Nice boxing game that has a few differences from the norm (monster opponents, gearing up your fighter). It gets very difficult very quickly though and I found this offputting because I'm usually very good at most games. I probably go back to it one day though, which is a good sign.

Many items and upgrades, new game plus up to 7, some cool enemies and fighting system which is easy to pick up but hard to master. Really fun game. Here's short gameplay video i have made:

Can't give it more points since there are only so many opponents so it is a rather short experience, but for what's there, this 8/10 feels like a 9.5/10 !

Surprising and fun, an excellent game if you have the patience. The art work is great and suits the theme well. Every fighter has it's unique look and the player can see their new equipment as they work up through the tiers. More importantly Beast Boxing feels very snappy which is much appreciated with what I feel is twitch gameplay. The feedback you get when landing punches is great, that sort of thing is surprisingly over looked by games but landing a flurry of jabs always feels great here.

It's probably my fault for being this way but I refuse to lower difficulty in any game because I assume the default settings is what the developer feels is what the game is suppose to be. In this type of game I feel like the most important and rewarding thing is recognizing tells and capitalizing on them. Despite being mostly successful at this I felt as if the only way to win was to grind for stats and equipment making losses increasingly frustrating. The feeling of satisfaction in finally beating an opponent was robbed by the fact that I had to grind for equipment to win. It's a tough balance to find when a game is asking for player ability but uses stats to severely augment it's outcome.

A little rough around the edges but totally worth your money and time.

I like the game. But the status upgrade is kind of insignificant. I know it is to make the game longer, but the additional bonus point made me felt the effort is not really paid well.

Fantastic, well polished game. I like the gameplay and they have some nicely intuitive control presets.

I can focus on playing without getting to stuck in the complications of remembering any combo moves. I feel like I'm really in the boxing match. I fount myself leaning away from the punches IRL.

It's way fun. Didn't expect this to be my favorite game from the bundle I got. I'm really impressed.

The only reason I'm not giving it 10, is for wishful hopes for a little more.

Every enemy is different and has a different style of fighting.
Not RNG based.
Balanced stat growth system.

Keeps asking to do easier difficulty when you lose.
Intentionally losing earns you money faster than beating a previous fighter.

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